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Four Ways to Re-Commit to Yoga

I am by far not the first bad yogi to admit it: sometimes, I don’t practice. My morning starts with the good intention of getting up before the crack of dawn and starting my days with a vinyasa flow and… and… and then nothing. I check my alarm sleepily and rationalize to my sleepy self that sleep is more important than yoga. Do I disagree with that sentiment now? Not really. If your body needs sleep, then you ought to be napping and sleeping away your evenings and very early mornings. Luckily, there are other ways you can re-commit to practicing yoga daily (if you’d like) or twice a week if that’s more your speed.

There are a couple tactics that I think are really useful, especially in this winter cozy season where no one wants to do anything except sit on the couch with a good book, a new TV show to binge and a mug of steaming hot chocolate.

Sign up for classes that you can’t miss.

Lucky (and unlucky) for me, my yoga studio only allows three misses a month. Once you’re over that limit, you’re no longer allowed to book online for the next month. So a good tactic that I use is signing up for morning classes the night before when I’m feeling ambitious. I can’t exactly cancel the next morning so I’m obligated to go to class. Even if I’m exhausted and half dozing in Shavasana – it’s always worth it.

Remind yourself that 10 minutes of yoga… is STILL yoga.

It’s easy to beat down on yourself for only doing 10 minutes of sun salutations in your bedroom when you couldn’t muster up the energy to attend a 90 minute sweat session. But 10 minutes of yoga.. it’s still getting up and committing to your yoga practice. Maybe it isn’t the crazy intense athletic hour you had planned, but any kind of step you take to get on your mat is one you should applaud yourself for.

Get an accountability buddy.

When I have yogi buddies who love practicing as much as I do, it’s easier to go. Even if these buddies are virtual, and for us expats they often are, talking to someone about your practices is exciting. When my friend Rebecca tells me about how awesome and zen she feels post class, I’m doubly inspired to attend another one myself.

Yoga isn’t just about physical practice.

Of course we all love yoga classes (that’s why we’re on this website, right?). But yoga is more than the physical asanas. What we learn is yoga is being present, and valuing every second of life for what it is. So committing to a yoga practice for some of us is about going to class, but for all of us, it’s about being in the moment, committing to the lessons we learn on our mat about happiness, acceptance, and love. You don’t need to schedule that away in your day if you’re already practicing in your life all the time.

What do you think yogis? How do you commit to your yoga practice? 

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  1. Pála Margrét

    Pála Margrét

    December 15, 2017 at 6:23 am

    Love this one! When I was an expat myself, and had a yoga studio with the same rules as yours, I´d sometime attend classes 10 times a week. Now, back home, I have no studio that I love as much as I loved that one, no yoga lovers, like the one I´d meet at that studio, and much less time than I used to have back then. Going through changes like that definitely challenges my yoga routine!

    Virtual accountability partners and rolling out my own mat to practice at home, are my focus points now. They are different than I got used to in my expat life, so now I am creating a new habit.

    1. Gabriella


      December 15, 2017 at 7:18 am

      it’s totally different! It’s crazy to me how much things shift depending on where you are or what kind of environment you’re in. Like even at home, I feel like I can sometimes fall into old habits whereas when you’re in a city where you’ve found an amazing studio, there’s no way you CAN’T go to yoga

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