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Four Ways Kink and Yoga are Similar

Two words you never thought you hear in the same sentence: yoga and kink. Actually, let me fix that for you: yoga and kink are so much more similar than you might think. Not only are they both very fun (at least in my opinion), but both are about really listening to your body and figuring out what you like. If you’re wondering what kink is, I would describe it as a particular sexual interest that you have. Merriam Webster seems to think kink has to do with being unconventional, but that’s not always true.

Kink can mean whatever you want it to mean. Maybe it means BDSM? Perhaps it’s being submissive, tied up, acting dominant or particularly sadist or that you love comforting someone else during sex. It’s nothing taboo, and it should be talked about more. But I’m getting ahead of myself – let’s get back to why kink and yoga are similar.

1. Both involve being mindful and aware

It seems counterintuitive, but exploring a new kink means listening to your body, and figuring out if this new kink is something you like. Are you breathing regularly? How are you mentally and physically reacting to this new rope tie or whatever new thing you’re trying? Which… is exactly like yoga, where you try out new poses or choose deeper expressions of poses because you know your body is ready.

2. You can explore, laugh, and experiment with things you never thought you’d try

When I started yoga, I never thought that I’d enjoy the practice. I was sweating, dying of heat exhaustion, and felt like my body was stretched in some unnatural way. Now, I can’t say I had that exact same experience in kink – but there’s that same exciting thrill when you want to try something new. When you fail (whether in headstand or in kink), you can’t take yourself too seriously. There’s often laughter and lots of cuddling after trying something. Trying new experiences together and exploring new parts of your sexuality is an essential part of kink. It’s a mindset I think we’re all familiar with concerning yoga when you find a new part of yourself while bravely exploring a new pose.

3. Sometimes you are very sore afterwards

Yep. You heard that here first. Yoga definitely makes me sore. Kink – even more so. The next day I’m usually wincing a little bit, but it’s that kind of happy sore where each muscle reminds you of a fun new experience. It could be yoga or kink.

4. You can and should be proud of both

There’s a tendency to kink-shame or make fun of someone because of what they enjoy and there’s absolutely no reason for it. If you like something, own it. If you love being blindfolded in bed, that’s part of you. Waking up at 5am and practice yoga, for some – is entirely masochistic. Maybe y0u’re kinky or maybe not – but either way, be proud of all the different aspects of yourself. There’s no one else like you 🙂

Any kinky yogis out there? Share with us below!

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  1. Chuck Vadun

    Chuck Vadun

    August 29, 2017 at 5:32 pm

    I love Gabriella’s posts, even though they make me feel so “vanilla” 😉

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