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Five Powerful Reasons Programmers Need Yoga

Find out how yoga for programmers helps to maintain and strengthen health, stay focused, effective and productive throughout the workday.

Programming is one of the most sought-after activities in the digital age. However, this profession requires attention, concentration and assiduity. As a rule, work consists of 8 hours of sitting in one place in front of a computer screen. And no matter how convenient the workplace with an ergonomic chair a sedentary work has several negative consequences. For example, tight shoulders, rigid hips, back problems, and disordered breathing.

The best solution to these problems is sports. Active games or going to the gym is not always the best option. But yoga for programmers has already proven its effectiveness. Read on to learn about the main reasons to do yoga for programmers.

Common Stereotypes about Doing Yoga

There are several stereotypes and myths regarding yoga. For example, it is generally accepted that yoga is an almost religious movement that completely rebuilds one’s life. In fact, it is not necessary to immerse yourself in yoga so deeply. You can choose only the physical component and perform yoga exercises, observing the rules of breathing and pure mind.

Another myth says that you need to do yoga early in the morning, almost at dawn, and at least two hours. In fact, you can independently choose the option that suits you. Exercise once a week, devoting one hour. Or give yoga ten to twenty minutes a day. As for the dawn practices, the practice of “Greeting the Sun” has long been optional.

As a beginner, you can attend yoga classes to learn the basic principles of exercise. Together, you will learn how to do yoga. For example, breathe correctly, free your mind from problems and thoughts, and hear only yourself and the voice of a trainer. In summer, yoga is recommended in the open air, grab a rug and go to the nearest park, sign up for a group lesson or perform asanas yourself.

Besides, yoga classes can take place in a comfortable home environment. Online yoga classes and video recordings will help you keep fit in any weather conditions.

And yet, yoga is not only positions and proper breathing. It also implies the ability to turn off consciousness and concentrate on simple things. It would seem an almost impossible task for programmers who hold so much knowledge and thoughts in their heads. However, this is one of the reasons to do yoga.

Five Reasons to Do Yoga Regularly

How can yoga be useful to programmers? There are many reasons why this practice is recommended specifically for coders. Here are the main ones:

1. Flexible and relaxed body

It may seem that this is a very slight advantage that yoga gives. However, studies have shown that a more relaxed and flexible body allows you to maintain productivity for a longer time. Have you noticed how the neck starts to ache at the end of the day and pain in the shoulders appears? Regular yoga classes significantly reduce muscle pain, making them softer, more supple and more resilient.

2. Healthy eyesight

Constantly peering at the screen over time can lead to vision problems. To keep a sharp and clear vision in the literal sense for as long as possible, use a set of exercises. You can divide it into two parts. The first one may be done right at the desktop without getting up, and the second might be included in the regular weekend program. Monitor the condition of the muscles of the neck and spine, as well as the face and eyes. If these muscles are constantly tense, you need to do gymnastics at least once a day. Over time, the frequency of exercise may change.

3. Reduced back pain

Most of the time, programmers sit at the table in one position. Unfortunately, even the most convenience chair is not able to provide comfort for the back for such a long time. It is often for back pain to be attributed to the negative consequences of this profession. However, yoga can reduce discomfort in the back, and eventually completely remove it. A series of exercises aimed at strengthening and relaxation of the back muscles, substitute a professional massage.

4. Keep focus, efficiency and productivity

One of the non-obvious reasons to do yoga is to maintain and increase your productivity, effectiveness and concentration. In the class, you learn to focus on simple things: melodies in the hall and your breathing. Thus, the mind calms down, you learn to sift out all that is superfluous. The same practice helps to focus fully on your work. When you are immersed in the project, extraneous thoughts no longer distract you.

5. Stress relief

Use yoga to reduce stress. Regular exercises can even help you to improve mental performance. All this is explained quite simply: during a yoga session, you completely turn off your mind and immerse yourself in practice. Of course, if you do everything correctly. The ability to calm your mind provides a change in reactions to stressful situations. This is especially important for programmers working on tight deadlines.


Several types of yoga can be used by programmers. Choose the one that suits you best. Perhaps you will start with breathing techniques and regular exercises. At the initial stage, this will be enough, but to increase the effectiveness of the exercises, don’t forget to complicate them gradually.



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