I have a firm belief that there is a light inside everyone, a divine light. That light connects each and everyone one of us together and to the Universe. This isn’t an original idea by any stretch, just consult the ancient yogi vedas.

This light that brings us together also makes us unique, magnificent individuals. Over time, our light is smothered by society. That loud, demanding voice that tells us we must fit in by looking a certain way, following a set checklist, act and even behaving in a particular way crushes any chance for our uniqueness to shine. Instead, we become productive machines, consumers and, maybe, a tiny bit creative here and there (as long as it isn’t too far off the path).

When our light is so dim that we cannot even see it in the darkest of rooms, we begin to feel lost, frustrated, depressed, confused, anxious, numb… you get the idea. Feeling like you’ve done everything the “right” way, yet you’re still not happy, forces you to feel like you have no purpose.

I am here to politely say, “No, thank you,” to society. I invite you to do the same, because I bet when you do and you start reclaiming your light, your unique purpose is going to embrace you.

What would be the worst thing that could happen to you if you allowed yourself to move your body on your mat, to pick up those paint brushes or have your own cooking challenge in the kitchen with 5 mystery ingredients?

The world around us wants us to play roles like doctors, teachers and consultants (truthfully, there is nothing wrong with being any of those). Where society is wrong is when it teaches us we have to live to work… that the most important thing is our income, how big our house is, how much junk we own and how serious can we be seen as.

Think back to when you were a child (without responsibility) and creativity was your best friend. What was it that you enjoyed doing? What did you fantasize about becoming? Give yourself that permission to play again; find what lights you up and brings joy to your soul. Even if it is only for a few moments a day, or something you can lose yourself in for a few hours… let yourself go. When you stop living by the rules of the world and you start making some on your own, you’d be surprised at what comes up!

How do you live life with a unique purpose? Please share with me in the comment section.