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I keep running across this idea that a daily yoga practice has to be 60 minutes or more of intense movement, preferably at a studio, in a super cute Lululemon or Hunkemöller outfit. And I’m here to call bullshit.

I am a firm believer in daily practice – I think that it’s the best way to not only progress, but also stay sufficiently chill to deal with daily life. If I don’t get in my practice in the morning, I am a significantly worse human in the day that follows because I didn’t get that sacred time to just BE. If I can’t just BE in the morning, it feels like the rest of the day, nothing will just let me be.

But alas, I am a PhD student (read: mega busy). I simply do not have the time to get everything I need to get done at the lab, do yoga for 60+ minutes, get some aerobic exercise in, and have a social life. The situation gets even more restrictive when I consider the time and money it takes me to practice at a studio. So what is my solution? Realism.

Real Talk

I would much rather cut down my yoga practice to a 10 minute home practice in my pajamas than cut it out altogether. Too often, we believe that we don’t have time to practice yoga at all, when the reality is that we actually just don’t have time to practice yoga as much as we’d like to, or in the exact way that we’d like to. I don’t think I’ve had as much yoga time or yoga-allocated money as I’d like since I was in yoga teacher training, where all time is yoga time and you lovingly empty your savings account to facilitate that. But that’s a pretty high bar to set for myself.

The Moral of the Story

As yogis, we are taught the power of non-attachment to emotions, to the past, to the future, etc. But we can also apply this idea to what we believe a yoga practice “must” or “should” be. Make it okay for yourself to fit yoga into your life in whatever way it fits best. Even if some days it’s a few sun salutations in your pajamas, I swear, it still counts as yoga and it will still brighten your day. It’s in no way inferior to a sweaty 90 minute practice in your newest, cutest leggings.

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