Fighting Uncertainty: Five Questions to Answer to Redefine Your Inner Balance

People with successful and enviable lives have one thing in common: they fought uncertainty. Hitting the perfect balance is an insidious thing. In life, we are taught how to enjoy everything and live without stress. Now, take a closer look at a tree growing in the woods. It looks so perfect thriving out there by shedding leaves to pass winter and releasing lovely blooms in summer. Human beings are in the same pack. Achieving inner balance is something everyone desires to obtain. But how does one can make it? The following are seven questions you need to answer.

Are You Holding onto Something That You Should Let Go?

Our world is not perfect, unfortunately. Bad things can happen even with the kindest people. Sometimes we can take control over difficult situations, sometimes not. You can find yourself broken into pieces and it might take a lot of time to let it go. There are so many people trying to fix their broken relationships, for example, but making their mood and general life situation even more sophisticated. In reality, it is better to simply move on. Mr. Lawhon, in his book, Guru-YOU!: Remove Your Doubts: Find Your Purpose, Passion & Power, points out that there are four reasons on why people find it had to let go:

  • Fear of loss.
  • Fear of getting punished.
  • Fear of uncertainty.
  • Fear of getting judged.

To stay away from things that are no longer helpful, you need to define the fear, think long-term, and prepare well. Do not just stay in that abusive relationship or job where you have stagnated for years. It is time to prepare and move on!

If You Only Had Six Months to Live, What Would You Do?

If the next six months were the last for you to live, would you do the things you are used to every day? Take a few moments to think about it. Many people think of the things that they had always wanted to do in life but did not manage to. Conquering uncertainty requires refocusing so that these important things that you would not want to die without doing become real.

In their book, One Month to Live, Shook and Kerry challenge people who wait for their kids to grow or get more money to begin the life of their dreams by asking one question: “What would they do if they only had 30 days to live?” Many people would think of the following:

  • Places they wanted to visit.
  • Relationships to mend.
  • People you want to meet.

Well, you do not have to wait until the last one or six months; it is time to start doing those things that give life meaning. When the final days come, you will feel bliss and successful.

What Are Your Strengths and Talents?

To redefine your inner balance, it is advisable to identify and pursue the things you are good at. Consider evaluating your strengths and weaknesses. It could be surprising for you to open new horizons of your personality. Have you ever thought of an unusual hobby, for example crafting or writing poetry? The best way to uncover your hidden talents is to try something new.

Why not write an essay about things which matter for you a lot and send it for evaluation to EssayPro essay writing services, so that professionals will give you expert feedback on your piece. Well, just analyzing strengths is not enough; it is important to start working on them and utilize them optimally.

The good thing with talents is that every person posses about three to six signature strengths that make them feel excited as opposed to exhausted when doing them. This implies that you can do more with personal talents to achieve spectacular results.

Are You Reading Enough?

One thing that you need to appreciate is that no matter the uncertainty in life, a solution is out there scribbled in words. Reading is, therefore, a great way of growing the mind. Even if you have a great idea, well, reading will help to explore ways of making it better.

Reading is a great way to explore new ideas, visit places, and outdo others. Whether it is at the personal or professional level, reading is the special cannon to fire you to success. Here are other benefits of reading that will help you to reach an inner balance.

  • Allow you to spend time wisely.
  • Helps to improve focus.
  • Crucial when resetting life goals.
  • Great in sharpening memory.
  • Improve speaking and writing skills.

When was the Last Time you went Outside your Comfort Zone?

The main reason that people tend to stick to their comfort zone is that change comes with a great deal of uncertainty. The truth is that uncertainties will always happen. Apparently, the curse of uncertainty can be turned into a blessing.

To be able to get out of the comfort zone, it is prudent to think broadly. Think of things that you would like to do to enhance your personal life. Consider listing them down and creating a plan. For example, your health targets should include following a yoga journal to practice with different poses. Do not only run on the treadmill and walk in the woods every day; practicing various yoga poses can help increase the quality of life. Some of the best poses recommended by yoga journal include:

  • Tadasana/mountain pose.
  • Downward-facing dog pose.
  • The Half-moon pose.
  • The lord of the fishes pose.
  • Pasasana / noose pose.
  • Adept pose.


Though overcoming uncertainty can be tasking, the results are worth the efforts. A mentally stable and balanced life allows you to enjoy every minute in life over unprompted decisions. Remember that when you are emotionally healthy, personal and career opportunities will be boosted.

Do not wait anymore; it is time to fire your life to success and internal balance by knocking down uncertainty.


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