Fight For a Cure – Bad Yogi Edition

We all know that practicing yoga has numerous health benefits for your physical and mental abilities. Yoga can even impact the lives of cancer patients and survivors. This practice is helping to save lives all across the world. How powerful is that?

Although yoga cannot exactly cure cancer, the practice is encouraged for cancer patients. It is particularly encouraged for those diagnosed with breast cancer. Studies have proven that yoga substantially decreases levels of cortisol, a hormone in our bodies that relates to stress. Research also shows that high cortisol levels are found in women who are battling breast cancer. That means yoga can help reduce stress levels while also providing an energy boost to take on the days challenges! These benefits don’t just stop with cancer patients. Survivors can reap these amazing benefits too. In fact, a study conducted at The Ohio State University found that women who completed 12 weeks of yoga after finishing treatment, reported feeling less fatigued and inflamed than they did prior to starting yoga.

Families all over the world are impacted by this unfortunate disease every day. So, it’s important to give back to this cause as often as you can. Breast Cancer Awareness extends far beyond just the month of October. Raising awareness and diminishing the stigma of breast cancer is welcomed and encouraged all throughout the year.

Here are some ways you and your own community can support Breast Cancer Awareness all year long.

1. Hold you own fundraising yoga class or attend one locally to you!

Setting up your own yoga fundraising event allows you to plan and schedule the event at your own convenience. Holding a fundraising class lduring the holiday season is a great idea. Especially considering the holiday season is already full of giving! Donate proceeds earned towards your favorite breast cancer organization. Promote the healthy habit of yoga and share how this practice can actually help and heal the physical and mental strain cancer can cause. Ask your local yoga studio if they’re offering any donation based classes throughout the year. They may even be able to help you plan your own!

If you’d like to offer a fundraiser specifically for the cancer patients and survivors in your community, obtaining the therapeutic knowledge from the Breast Cancer Yoga Teacher Training Program will allow you to provide comfort and hope to those in recovery.


2. Support brands who give back!

Need another excuse to add more yoga gear to your wardrobe? Activewear company, Beyond Yoga not only sells trendy yoga apparel, they also love to support a cause that means a lot to them! Each October, Beyond Yoga invites everyone to attend a local walk in their community, while also donating 10% of proceeds from their Think Pink campaign.

True&Co. Is another company who supports Breast Cancer Awareness. The online intimate brand and their breast cancer partner, Keep A Breast, team up once a year with a campaign aimed to fight cancer. Through their initiative, True&Co. donates a percentage of proceeds to the art and education programs that make up Keep A Breast’s mission to help find a cure. True&Co bras are loved by breast cancer survivors because of their soft fabric, which is comforting after reconstructive surgery. A 15-year breast cancer survivor even said their bras “should be a resource to plastic surgeons who refer for bras and prosthesis.”

Jade Yoga is another yoga brand that support Breast Cancer Awareness. Every October Jade donates $5 to aid in breast cancer research for every special pink yoga mat sold.


3. Spread the knowledge!

“Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.” –B.K.S. Iyengar

If we cannot obtain a solution to the problem, we have to do everything we can to educate those around us. The more we all know, the more inspiring and supportive of a community we will build. Spreading the knowledge we have about breast cancer is a gift and can be as simple as posting an interesting fact on social media every day. Here are some examples to get you started:

  1. Practicing yoga when you’re young equips you with a ton of health benefits that could later help conquer stress and anxiety.
  2. The American Cancer Society suggests that 150 minutes of exercise each week (like yoga) can increase strength and energy in cancer survivors.
  3. Early prevention saves lives which is why performing a monthly self examination is important!
  4. Yoga can allow cancer patients and survivors to have a better quality of life!

Don’t forget to use the hashtag, #BreastCancerAwareness so others can learn more and share!


Whether you are going to plan a local fundraiser, support a brand that gives back, or spreading awareness online, you’ll be making a bigger impact than you’d ever imagine. In addition, those affected by this disease will appreciate you beyond words!

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