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Fashion Controversies: Food Blogger Receives Backlash Over Outfit

Lately, there seems to be a lot of stories making the news about women wearing “inappropriate clothing”. The latest incident involves a restaurant, a famous food blogger, and a crop top. No matter how you look at it, this is always a tough topic. But what exactly went wrong this time?

The crop top is causing trouble again

You might have heard of Karylle Banez, famous Australian food blogger, known to her fans as Karylle Eats. Restaurants regularly partner with her to promote their food, and she must be doing something right, because she’s done plenty of promotions for plenty of restaurants. Her latest promotion, however, did not go as smoothly as one might have hoped. According to Today, Banez partnered with a café in Adelaide, Australia to promote their new dinner menu. She is known for her signature crop top look, but as it turns out, not everyone liked her style.

Banez, who is usually seen smiling happily while sitting at a table full of food we’d give our right arm to taste, took the usual photos to post on her Instagram feed. Fine and Fettle, the restaurant she was promoting, shared the picture on their social media platforms and it immediately sparked various comments, ranging from people who were outraged by Banez’ clothes to those who were fully in support of the picture.

Many thought the look inappropriate for the restaurant’s image

Many of the negative comments were from people who found the white mesh bralette Banez is wearing offensive and thought that it didn’t fit the image the restaurant is trying to portray. One of the comments read: “I think u have done a very poor job marketing what did not need a girl in a bra. You need to understand your target audience and it’s not great when your food is served with a half-naked person at the table … The girl is beautiful just not in the right spot!”

Similar comments followed, with some saying that the image made it look as if Banez was promoting a night club instead of a restaurant. There was even a comment that said the image gave the impression that the restaurant is “a Gentleman’s Club”. Most of the negative comments, however, seemed to add that Banez is a beautiful woman but that her image isn’t a good fit for the restaurant or its target market.

Do we tend to focus on the wrong things?

It’s important to remember that everyone is entitled to their opinion. What is nice to see in some of the negative comments is the fact that people were mainly unhappy with the restaurant – they weren’t necessarily bad mouthing Banez. The comments, however, do apply to her indirectly, because people were unhappy with the restaurant’s choice to use her to promote their food. It’s also interesting to note that instead of focusing on the fact that she is a successful food blogger who took the time to promote Fine and Fettle (and recommended them on her Instagram page), people chose to focus on what she was wearing.

The restaurant defended Banez

In the meantime, Fine and Fettle’s management politely clapped back at customers who were posting negative comments about Banez’ outfit, asking them to remember that she “is a real person with real feelings.” They added that customers at the restaurant are welcome to wear the clothes of their choice and that they don’t discriminate.

“It was never our intention to offend, however, we also do not appreciate this type of offensiveness from our community. Karylle is not only a lovely person, but has always been a great supporter of Fine & Fettle. We do not discriminate full stop. Everyone is welcome to wear what they choose and should not be so superficially judged.”

There were those who were in full support of Banez’ outfit

The restaurant handled the situation pretty well, and we think that their statement covers pretty much everything that needs to be said on the matter. There were also people who had something positive to say about the picture. One person wrote that they fully supported the picture and that Fine and Fettle had gained a customer for its stance, saying: “1. Karylle wears fashion and this is fashionable at the moment – [sic] get with the program. 2. Women can wear what they want – I don’t know Karylle personally but I see her as a body-confident woman who loves food.” Another wrote that Banez is wearing a top, not a bra and that people had to get over themselves: “She’s famous on Instagram for this sort of thing. She goes around Adelaide restaurants looking hot and promoting. Get over it.”

Can it be considered fashion?

Despite some of the negativity, it’s clear that Banez has good taste in more than just food. The bralette she’s wearing in the picture is by a brand called Meshki. The brand is known for its tiny tops and short dresses and according to its Instagram page, its clothes have been worn by many celebrities, including supermodel Bella Hadid, singer Ariana Grande, and the Kardashian-Jenner sisters. Like some of the comments said, it seems that it is indeed “fashion baby!”. Of course, some felt that the top looked too much like lingerie, which, with all the lacy detail, could pass as a bra. To each his own.

This is not the first incident of its kind

This incident follows a series of others where women were bashed for wearing a certain item of clothing. Just a few months back a woman was nearly kicked off a plane for wearing a crop top and then there’s a student who pointed out her school’s double standards when they refused to use her yearbook picture because her bralette was showing from beneath her shirt. Then there’s the even more “what the heck” instances, like the one where a school turned away a Texas mother from enrolling her daughter because she was wearing a T-shirt dress and a headscarf.

Everyone has a different perception of what is “acceptable”

There’s no denying that there’s still a lot of controversy where women in crop tops are concerned. As said many times before, it’s important that we respect ourselves and those around us.

Everyone’s perception of what is okay and not okay to wear will differ. There are so many factors at play – where you grew up, the people you grew up with, the values your parents taught you – the list goes on and on. Based on all these different factors, people will perceive certain things (like crop tops) to be either stylish or offensive.  One thing that doesn’t have to depend on your upbringing is kindness. It doesn’t take much and you will only be a happier version of yourself when you’re being kind to those around you.

So, if you like crop tops, great. If you don’t like them, also great. Just don’t bash someone who likes to wear them. You’re allowed not to like them, but there’s no need to make someone else feel bad about what they’re wearing just because it’s not in line with your personal taste.

Over to you: was wearing a crop top way out of line for the setting of a restaurant or are people being ridiculous?

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