Have you ever experienced concrete dog? You know, it’s those first few downward dogs that just…aren’t doing it for you. There is a pain in your back, aches in your wrist, and your hamstrings don’t seem to want to stretch. You are as stiff a concrete dog. We’ve all been there…right?

The other day I had a similar new experience that involved my mind, body, and yoga– one that I am calling crooked yoga. And I discovered crooked yoga is NOT a good thing; at least it wasn’t for me.

I can’t even put my finger on why I was exposed to crooked yoga. As far as the morning was going, my practice should have been wonderful. My teacher had just acquired a new space for her studio. All the students were excited to be there. The sun was shining through the windows. The karma was awesome. But as I started following my teacher’s instruction, something was just not right.

Actually, many things were not right. My mind was heavy with thought. It was definitely too busy and it wouldn’t slow down. I was tired because I had come directly to the studio from a short night at the firehouse. My breath was just not there. Not one pose felt balanced. And no modification seemed to help. I kept thinking I was …crooked.

I stayed and finished the class – but never felt right. For some reason, I felt guilty that I could not flow with the group, so I confessed to the class that I just was not able to “find my practice” that day. Surprisingly, every other student in the class admitted that, they too, had had experiences like mine. Even my instructor told her stories of having hard days with yoga.

The prior experiences of my fellow students reminded me that I am never alone when around yogis. We constantly learn from one another. And we have all had similar experiences on our yogic paths. Each practice of yoga is different from the practice before. There are days when everything comes together, and there are days when your yoga is just crooked.

[Featured Image via Bad Yogi community member Kelsey Baier]

Have you experienced “crooked” yoga? How did you deal with it?