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5 Easy Ways to Feng Shui Your Home

A few weeks ago a friend of mine gave me a quick little tip about the feng shui of my living room. That sparked a mid-day research project of my own about how I could feng shui the rest of my space for optimal abundance, love, and serenity.

Here’s what I found most helpful (and most doable):

1. Keep your toilet seats down!
This has ALWAYS been a pet peeve of mine. Why keep the toilet seat up anyway?! Not only is it gross, but it just looks completely undone and… gross! And according to feng shui, the toilet acts as a drain. When it’s left “open,” it will drain your energy and resources (ahem– money) from your home. Don’t have to tell me twice!

2. Eliminate clutter. 
Don’t go too minimalist and remove so much that it looks sparse. But we all have a corner or drawer that’s packed needlessly with junk. Sort through it and either find a place for what you like and need, and get rid of what you don’t.

3. Organize your money corner.
Standing in the doorway, the far left corner of any room is the “wealth corner.” This corner will reflect the state of your finances. So if it’s barren, empty, or messy, you’ll want to spruce it up! Add something lush and green like a bamboo, money tree, or other green plant. A diffuser or mirror are other elements that are said to attract the energy needed to bring abundance to your home.

4. Keep wires away from your bed. 
You could argue that the wavelengths emitting from those wires aren’t good for you anyway, but at the very least, electronics can be distracting. Keep them a few feet away from you so you can have restful, uninterrupted sleep.

5. Keep your entry clear & representative.
I’m going to clean mine right after I finish this post! Make sure your front door can open all the way so that you remain “open to new opportunities.” Keep your entry clear of clutter and representative of your personality and the energy you want in your home. Pay attention to your doormat, too! If it’s tattered or old, get a new one that’s welcoming and positive, too.

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