I am a hyperactive person with an unusual amount of patience. I’ve tried a lot of different yoga classes, but I practice vinyasa flow every day. I’m obsessed with headstands, and meditation comes in MANY forms for me. I am in love with my body and am always surprised by what it can do. I honor the light within myself and the light within everyone and everything around me. I wear an Om symbol every day to remind myself of my intention. I smile 99% of the time. When I’m upset, you better watch out. I am an extremely passionate person, especially when it comes to my yoga practice.

Don’t tell me I’m not a yogi.

Recently I’ve gotten in the routine of moving a little faster in the mornings since my husband’s car had been in the shop and I needed to drop him off at work before I headed to my own office. Now that we have two cars again, I was a little ahead of schedule this morning. I took that extra minute to open up Facebook, and I found something totally awesome: A TECH YOGA MAT! It’s a functional yoga mat that has a little screen with videos to guide your practice. How cool is that?! Seriously! As a person that practices yoga EVERYWHERE, it would be fantastic to have a mat with a little screen attached instead of having to lug my laptop around with me.

gabs yoga class

So what is making me so upset? The first comment on the post. Let me tell you, it took every little drop of patience and love I had within me to NOT reply to this comment. I won’t tell you who wrote it or exactly what it said, but I took it very personally, especially when the author insinuated that people like me are not yogis.

A hurricane of emotions took hold of me. I found the comment amusing, frustrating, and I felt a little insecure…Was this person right?

Of course not!

Who is anyone to say that I am not a yogi? It’s like telling me that because I am not a pastor’s wife that I cannot call myself a Christian; that because I buy $10 bottles of wine that I don’t REALLY love wine; that because I’m expressive I cannot possibly be patient.

Don’t tell me I’m not a yogi.

I am not a vegan. In fact, I eat meat every single day. I love sweets. I don’t chant. I don’t worship Buddha. I don’t paint the chakaras on my back. I ESPECIALLY don’t judge anyone who does any of those things. I love them. I practice with them. I’m good friends with them. They love me. So who are you to tell me that I’m not a yogi?

megan mermaid feb 2016

I’m a BAD YOGI! I embrace it. You should, too.

I’m probably going to buy that mat (the one with the little screen). I will bring it to Texas Roadhouse, I will order a steak and red wine, and I will use my tech yoga mat on their patio while I contemplate whether I will order a brownie sundae or the New York cheesecake for desert. And guess what…