Do You Have A Yoga BFF?

A Yoga Best Friend is someone who randomly sends you all things yoga. These are friends who’ve become interested in yoga as they watch you build your practice. Your yoga BF is learning about yoga through you. They begin to try and read about practicing yoga. The interesting thing about a YBF is that they’re never a beginner. Your YBF will always start off as advance, ready to do a headstand or other intense yoga pose on day one. Yeah that’s right, day one!

How do you know if you have a Yoga Best Friend? Check out the list below. If you can relate then you have a YBF.

  • Getting random yoga photos from a friend courtesy of Pinterest. I love receiving random yoga inspired text messages. The photos could be of yoga mantras, chakras or asana. No matter what the photo I always find myself excited to find out why my YBF thought of me when they saw the photo.
  • Yoga Retreat invitations. Most yoga retreats are held at beautiful locations with peaceful and naturist surroundings. The photo may trigger a sense of adventure or excitement. Which is when you receive an invite from your YBF; “Let’s plan a trip!”
  • The gift of yoga apparel and jewelry. I love discovering new jewelry and outfits that help to express my yoga practice. I’ve received tons of suggestion on where to find different pieces of jewelry or clothing. Nothing beats being gifted a beautiful piece of yoga jewelry from a YBF. 
  • Photo’s of your YBF attempting a yoga pose. Again, it starts with some advanced pose. With a smile on their face and a strong since of accomplishment, you receive a beautiful photo of your YBF bust’n a move. A yoga move! With the caption of “I got this!”.
  • This last one is my favorite. Receiving a hilarious yoga videos or illustration. I’ve seen a lot of these. From what it looks like to include wine with yoga to funny sounds students make while taking a yoga a class. These videos and illustrations are hilarious and can turn anyone’s day from negative to positive.

There you have it! Just a few way to discover if you have a Yoga Best Friends. Much love and appreciation to all the Yoga Best Friends out there.  So, do you have a YBF? If so, show them some love and return the gesture. Share with them the things you enjoy about yoga.

As the yoga community continues to grow, let’s make sure to welcome everyone in a  positive way. Enjoy your practice, feel your practice and share your practice.

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