We have been dieting hard since the ‘70s and where has it gotten us?

Well, we spend over $70 billion a year annually on dieting. So is it working?

Of course not! Dieting isn’t designed to work, it’s designed to make money.

Another key indicator that this just isn’t working? Dieting and obesity became common at the same time. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Dieting is so seductive. It promises a new body, a new life, happiness, health, even love. Has a diet ever given you any of these things? I know it never gave me one minute of happiness, even when I did lose weight. No matter how thin I became there was always another goal to reach or area to tone. Weight loss is our goal but is it really what we are looking for?

If limiting your calorie intake and exercising more isn’t working for us in finding health, wellness, and inner peace, what will?

It may not be what you thought. Self love is the answer.

We diet because we hate our bodies. Almost everything we do in the quest to lose weight is fueled by wanting to change, make ourselves better, make ourselves different. When your motivation is negative, the results will be too.

Why not try loving your body into health? You’ll take much better care of a body you love than one that you hate.

Taking care of your body does not mean counting calories or working your butt off in the gym everyday. It means listening to your body; what it needs, what it wants and what it could do without.

It’s so frustrating to see someone say, “I am so tired and sore but I have to workout today!” No, you don’t! Rest is just as important as being active, but we have forgotten about this in our busy-obsessed society.

4 Ways To Love Your Body Into Health

1. Instead of restricting food intake, start listening to your body: Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full.

2. Rest when you need to: If you are sore and exhausted, rest!

3. Allow yourself to accept your body as it is today. You don’t need to change. You can find that happiness and inner peace you’ve been looking for in dieting and you can find it within yourself.

4. Find physical activity you actually enjoy! Forget about burning calories, think about your health. You are worth having a lifestyle you actually enjoy. You don’t need to punish yourself into health, you can love it!

Over to you: What motivates your health goals? Sound off below!