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Bad Yogi Book Review: Daring to Rest

What would your life look like if the answer to “How are you?” wasn’t always “Tired?”

How would it feel to be truly rested, deep in your soul, really alert and alive? Most parents, and women in particular, feel like they’re never going to know. And as the mom of an active 9-year-old, I am definitely one of those women. When the request came to review Karen Brody’s Daring to Rest, I was all in.

Daring to Rest is designed to help the 35 million American women who are struggling with sleep or wakefulness disorders, according to Brody’s research. And we try to remedy it with a book, a nap, a yoga class, or a dinner with a friend we don’t see often enough. Those things recharge our souls for sure, but they don’t quite provide the rest we truly need.

Rest, as Brody shares in her book, “is not active. To rest is to surrender from the active, the goals, and the will to achieve something.” Now that’s a rest I can get behind.

The book itself takes you through a 40-day program relying on yoga nidra to help you sleep better, feel more rested, think more clearly, and just generally feel better. Yoga nidra is a hyper-relaxed state between waking and sleeping that allows you to truly disconnect from your waking mind and enter into a deep state of potential rest.

The 40-day program centers around a comfortable position and a guided meditation, with meditations starting out at a short fifteen minutes. Three phases take you through the process from learning how to rest to settling into release to finally rising with real energy.

Honesty time?

I was more than a little skeptical. But I can’t do a proper review without really following the program through, so I dedicated myself to it and followed it all. I did the meditations, even as they got longer and I worried about the time they’d take out of my day. I did the accompanying exercises in the book. I wrote in my journal.


40 days later, I feel so much better. I am genuinely more rested. I’m sleeping longer and deeper. I have the energy to exercise again. It’s not perfect. I’m still tired more than I’d like to be, but I saw a real difference after the program and I’m getting ready to start all over again.

Long story short, if you’re tired (and I know you are) spend 40 days on some YOU time. If nothing else, the guided meditations will allow you to nap for a while. You won’t regret it.

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