Crow pose is one of my absolute FAVORITE arm balances ever. It has just the right amount of challenge while still being accessible because it’s so easy to modify.

“Easy” is relative, but I can definitely say that this one has plenty of fun ways to make it your own. Here’s a few of my favorites:

If you have trouble getting your knees high enough on your arms to balance, prop a block under your toes so you can add height. You can still play with balancing in this pose, but without having to struggle to get the “lift.”

Now that you have the height figured out, are you afraid of face-planting? Or maybe you constantly faceplant?! Easy fix: prop a soft foam block on its side. This way you can have no fear of falling forward. Even if you DO fall forward, you’ll know what it feels like to lift from your center and pull your gaze forward.

If all else fails, get creative! Is this technically the traditionally “correct” alignment? Not quite. But listen: it’s sometimes more important to lift your confidence in your ability to balance on your hands then it is to get it exactly “right.”

Remember! Ultimately your goal should be to have fun with this. The moment you stop enjoying your practice is the moment you need to reevaluate why you’re doing it to begin with. Getting frustrated on your way towards a goal is normal, and not loving your practice every day is totally fine! But if you find yourself angry or dreading your mat time, take a step back and remember that this should be an adventure.

Over to you! Where are you on your journey towards Crow? Any a-ha moments you want to share that you learned along the way?