My life is busy. It could be worse, of course, but right now I’m okay with the level of chaos I’m at.

All of a sudden there is A LOT going on. Early in our marriage, my husband and I decided to take the next few years to do all of the things we ever wanted – from education to vacation to working overtime – before we start a family. Even with everything going on, I found an hour or more each day to devote to my practice. That time is specifically for me; where I can relax, I can meditate, and I can have a few moments of beautiful, sweaty peace.

To save some money and to delve a little deeper into my home yoga practice while our schedules are even busier for the next few months, I decided to look into some full-length online yoga classes that I *GASP* actually have to pay for. That’s when the magic happened and I stumbled across online yoga teacher training.


Taking online classes has become infamous. Believe me; it can make learning a little more difficult. I did half of my undergraduate studies online, completed 2 online certificate courses, and will be doing graduate school 100% online. It’s not easy, but it is worth it. You have more flexibility in how you learn! There is no rigidity in the schedule so you have the opportunity to learn how, when, and where works best for you. You just need to stay on top of it!

My home yoga studio (arguably the best little studio out there – I’m bias) offers 200-hour yoga teacher training. Like all other 200-hour in-studio trainings, it is pretty costly. Unfortunately with student loans, car payments, rent, and medical costs adding that extra few thousand dollars for training seems impossible. Becoming a yoga instructor wasn’t in my vocabulary… until now. Online yoga teacher training is definitely less expensive, but by saying that, I don’t mean it is cheaper. You still receive a quality and credible education but with less digits next to that dollar sign.


Online Yoga teacher training is an absolutely fantastic tool that gives the student everything he or she needs to successfully complete training. Books, videos, even some props may be included in the cost of the program you choose. There are several online options varying in the type of yoga you choose, 200 to 500 hour training, and level of research needed. I chose the least expensive, yet highest-researched, level that I could find… and I love it!

Online training has given me the opportunity to delve deeper into my practice and to utilize resources (books, websites, and instructors) that work best for my personal practice and connect back to my personal journey. Instructors from the program and yogis who have decades of experience are always available to answer questions and guide your practice. With the particular program I chose, I must complete a 50-question written exam, write a yoga lesson plan, complete five  essays (3-pages, single-spaced), and submit an hour-long video of a hatha class I teach to at least one student. It’s a lot of work, but since it’s research-based, I am given a year to complete all the materials needed for my certification.


If you’re like me and can’t take too much extra time out of your schedule (but your heart strings are being pulled to become a yoga teacher) an online YTT program may be the best thing for you. You can read about, practice, teach, and research yoga when it fits your schedule.

I’ve begun to include my training into my daily practice, to put things I’m learning to use in my flow, and to expand on what matters most to me in my practice. Not to mention, I have an incredible amount of full-length online Yoga classes now available for me to practice with at home/hotels/work (wherever) while me schedule is stuffed completely full for the summer.


Continue to go to class regularly at your home studio! This will definitely improve the quality of your learning. If you have a super tight schedule and can’t make it to the studio, practice wherever you are. Try out different instructors on YouTube, or search for online yoga classes you might like to try. While you’re going through YTT, this is the perfect opportunity to pay close attention to the mannerisms of different Yoga teachers and learn what your style of teaching may relate to most. You never know, something may be said during class that will help you in your training!

Don’t let chaos stop you from deepening your practice! Be a Bad Yogi, and own it!

Have any of you taken your YTT certification online? Are you thinking about it? Talk to us in the comments below!