Everybody has a dream, a passion, an ambition. Most people are too afraid to speak them out loud because they believe dreams will only ever be dreams, and that by speaking them aloud people will either judge them, or help them fail.

Why should a person be allowed to chase their dreams? We are adults, we must work boring jobs to pay the bills, drive a nice car to impress our friends, and really stress about the ROI for a global, tax avoiding, and environmentally damaging corporation.

Or at least that’s what they try and sell us at the tender age of 16.

Well, I’m not buying it. I believe the key to true happiness is fulfilling your true potential, achieving your dreams, finding your dharma. I know this because I’m doing it, right now—as I type these words I’m following my dharma.

I used to be this stressed out individual, working hours that were too long in the hopes of a promotion in a global marketing company. I worried about making millionaires richer, all the while making my own health suffer. Where is the logic in that? I worried about money, my weight, the state of my skin, the style of my hair, what people thought of me, the future, the past, my health, the health of my loved ones, weather I was clever enough, funny enough, loving enough. I even stressed out about being stressed out!

I rolled out my yoga mat once a week at my local inner city class. It was a 45 minute pocket of stress-free bliss. Just 45 minutes though; anything longer is a luxury, right? Something then slowly began to change. It was without my knowing at first but, over time, I became less conscious of others’ opinions, less stressed, less self-involved and anxious. I needed more of this. So I upped my yoga classes to 2 -3 times per week for 1.5 hours. I needed more of this good stuff!

After years of this routine the balance of life shifted in my favor. People saw how much I’d changed and asked me how I’d done it. Was it that I just gave fewer f*cks or was it this magical “yoga”? They wanted to know what yoga could do for them. They tried classes, asked for advice, came to me to vent the frustrations, and ask me to help them feel better. They saw my calm and they wanted a piece of the action. It was then that I realized my dharma: to make people be happier. Not just by telling them everything is going to be okay or buying them a stiff drink at the end of a tough day, but giving them the tools they need to create their own happiness. Giving them the confidence to take control.

For me it all started with yoga, so I enrolled in a teacher training course to be a yoga and meditation teacher. It’s out there now, my dharma. I’ve announced it to the world for lovers to love and haters to hate. That doesn’t faze me though. I now know I’m in control of my own happiness and the people who want to see me fail are the people too scared to chase their own dreams.

If I can make just one person go onto live a happier lifestyle, then I’ll know all this hard work will have been worth it. This key to changing your life is firstly, admitting you want to and secondly, saying it aloud for the world to hear. There is nothing to be scared of.

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