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Burger King’s New Real Meals Have All Your Feelings Covered

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and Burger King is making it count. We’re all familiar with McDonalds’ Happy Meals, but Burger King, who has a playful rivalry with McDonalds, is putting a twist on Happy Meals – they now have “Unhappy Meals”, because no one is happy all the time.

It’s all for a good cause

Today reports that this is in no way a jab at McDonalds’ beloved Happy Meals. Burger King is doing it for a good cause. Not only are they aiming to create more awareness around mental health, but they also donated an unknown amount of money to Mental Health America. This new initiative is part of a partnership Burger King has formed with the non-profit organization. That’s great news – and you’re bound to love their new range of meal boxes.

Whatever you’re feeling, there’s a Real Meal for that

The new line features a range of human emotions that we experience on a daily basis. It’s got you covered from Monday ’til Friday. The meal boxes range from super excited to very sad, and all the emotions in between.

Burger King's New Real Meals Have All Your Feelings Covered_Bad Yogi

There’s a meal for every feeling.
Image: Burger King

The new line, known as “Real Meals”, launched this week and there are five different “emotional meals”, if you will, to choose from. There’s the YAAAS Meal for when you’re feeling on top of the world and so excited you want to yell it from the rooftops. Then there’s the Salty Meal for when you’re feeling a bit bitter. Having a bad day? Treat yourself to the Pissed Meal – let’s be honest, we’ve all been waiting for this one. Feeling more than just pissed? Do you want to tell the world to just buzz off? There’s a DGAF Meal for that. When you’re just having “one of those days” you can order the Blue Meal, specially created for the days you just feel sad.

Burger King's New Real Meals Have All Your Feelings Covered_Bad Yogi

We think the DGAF Meal might be popular on Mondays.
Image: Burger King

You are allowed to feel the way you do

Burger King is using these “Real Meals” to spread a very important message: you don’t have to be happy all the time, you get to feel the way you’re feeling. In the ad campaign for the new range of meal boxes, there’s a message that reads, “No one is happy all the time. And that’s OK.” This message is followed by the hashtag #FeelYourWay. This is a pretty cool campaign. Social media is a massive culprit when it comes to the world’s illusion of perfection and happiness. When you’re not feeling happy and see everyone on Instagram at some beautiful location smiling like it’s their best day on earth, it’s easy to feel like there’s something wrong with you for not feeling happy all the time too. It’s about time we re-establish the line between what is real and what is just another picture feigning perfection.

Celebrate being you

In a press release, Burger King said that they want to use the Real Meals as a way to encourage people to celebrate just being themselves and allow themselves to feel the way they are feeling. This is a pretty important message and hopefully, it will start some important conversations. Unfortunately, the Real Meals will only be available at selected stores – so if you already know that you’re going to be in dire need of a DGAF Meal next Monday, you’ll either have to head to a store in Seattle, Miami, Los Angeles, New York City, or Austin, Texas.

Burger King's New Real Meals Have All Your Feelings Covered_Bad Yogi

Are the Real Meals not available in your region? You’re probably feeling like this right now.
Image: Burger King

What can I expect from a Real Meal?

Now that you know what your options are, you’re probably starting to wonder what exactly these meals include. Every Real Meal basically consists of some type of Whopper-with-fries combo, which you get to choose. These meals do not come with toys like the McDonalds Happy Meal since they’re aimed at a more grown-up market. If it did have some kind of toy, we wouldn’t have complained. We all still have a little kid inside us.

People are loving the initiative

People took to social media to voice their excitement about the Real Meals, and most seem very happy with the new initiative.

Seeing mental health being tackled head-on by massive chain stores like Burger King makes the future look a little less bleak. It’s great to see big companies trying to do their part in raising awareness about mental health and starting very necessary conversations. In the meantime, we’ll be saving up our money for that IDGAF meal come Monday.

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