The best travel yoga mat I’ve used was right under my nose for the longest time and I didn’t know it! Stay through to the end because I’m actually giving one away!

I’d known about YOGO mats for a while but never really needed a travel mat. As divine luck would have it, they reached out to me to see if they could send me one to try out which happens to be just before I’m getting ready to pack for our 3-week trip to the USA!

I unpacked it right away to get a feel for the size & weight and knew it would be perfect for tossing into a suitcase.

– It is truly compact so even putting it in a carry-on size luggage or even in a backpack is a cinch

– The carrying strap is so useful!

– This might be the stickiest yoga mat I’ve ever used, which, if you’re a yogi, you know this is one of the best compliments for a yoga mat EVER! This seemingly required no breaking in. I unrolled it immediately and did a few sun salutations and I did not slide AT ALL. Not even a little bit. Pretty impressive!

– Easy to fold up and clip! Sometimes things like these come perfectly in their packaging, but you can never figure out how the manufacturer was able to roll it “just so” and get it to close again. This was super easy to unroll and roll back up into its proper place.

Not really “cons,” just stuff to consider:
– This is a travel mat which means you’re naturally going to be sacrificing cushion for ease of traveling. This was awesome on my area rug in my living room and 100% fine with me on the hard wood floor, but I know some people are sensitive to thin mats. So just be aware that any travel mat is going to be on the thin side.

– You’ll definitely want to air this out before heavy usage! It smells like a typical new mat but since it comes rolled up, you’ll definitely want it to keep it unrolled for a few days or lay it outside to get rid of that rubbery smell.

Over to you! The super generous people at YOGO have offered to give a mat away to one lucky Bad Yogi. In order to be entered to win, you have to do 3 easy things which are below. Just tell us below that you’re on the list, you follow us, and tell us about your next trip below! We’ll contact the winner on Friday March 3, 2017! Winner will need to have a U.S. mailing address.

1) Subscribe to the Bad Yogi List where you’ll get to take your mat for a test run on some free yoga classes 😉

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