Hey Bad Yogis!

How’s your week been? How’s the month been?! Are you still standing proud, just oozing inner strength?!

I’m sure some of us are, and then maybe some of us have lost steam, but either way, today’s class will be the pick-me-up you need. It’s a quick posture fix that will have you standing taller and prouder in no time. This is one of my favorite classes ever because 1) it’s great for you (duh), and 2) I think there’s a really valuable psychological component to having improved posture. When we stand taller, we feel more energized, we look more confident, and by default FEEL more confident. Sometimes something as small as that is enough to turn a day around, so if you’re in need of a little burst of energy, this will definitely do the trick!

Let’s go!

Over to you: Do you have any little changes we can do that make a whole day seem better? For me, a big one is definitely going outside. Even if it’s for 15 minutes, getting a little peek of sunshine is all I need!