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Bad Yogi Spotlight: Q&A with Stefani Hendricks

It’s been an exciting week since we last shared a Bad Yogi Spotlight. Not only did Bad Yogi Magazine’s Facebook page surpass 4000 likes (thank you!) but Bad Yogi has also sold more than 4000 copies of Perfect Body Yoga Program (PBYP) to users throughout the world. Pretty amazing!

When we say around the world, we mean it. We’ve got PBYP members around the globe, and this week’s Bad Yogi Spotlight is with one of our resident Hawaiian’s, Stefani Hendricks.

Stefani seems to be one of the queens of Bad Yogi meet-ups. She even FaceTimes with friends made through the course. Stefani is that warm, Hawaiian breeze, giving you a great big virtual hug any time you need it. Not to mention, she is clearly living the life! We can’t imagine PBYP without Stefani’s constant, shining light and this week we are here to celebrate her.

How would your partner/closest friend describe you?

Recently, an amazing friend of mine described me as “a kind, loving, caring person who is never at a loss for words”. That felt really great to hear because I am not really one to find nice things to say about myself, but I can be YOUR biggest cheerleader. It’s a work in progress for me, but I am working on it.

How do you find motivation when it feels like you have NONE?

I reach out to my sister, my Bad Yogi family, and my daughter for encouragement when I feeling low or just need a boost. I am never disappointed. I am blessed with an amazing support system.

What do you think your purpose is?

I had been searching, feeling like there was something GRAND that I should striving to be. I’ve been a mom since I was 18 and never once thought that motherhood was my sole “purpose”. I just thought it was something I was and that, of course, there were more important things to be when it was time to move beyond motherhood to add something else. Of course, you’re never done parenting, and I have had a career outside of being a mom like everyone, but it wasn’t fulfilling AT ALL for me, personally.

When my grandson was born, in March 2018, there was no question that I would move from Montana back to Hawaii and help care for him. I am beyond blessed to have been spending everyday with him since he was born. I get to help his mommy, my oldest, be able to work from home, not have him in daycare, and still have time with him during the day. Right now this is my purpose! I can’t stop smiling, my heart is so happy.

Do you feel like you’re living it?


If all food was “health food” & there were no negative health impacts, what would you eat every day of your life?

Ice cream, anytime of day or night!

Chair pose for one minute or plank for one minute?

Plank, no question, I would even do a three minute plank in exchange for one chair pose, if I came down to it.

What do you wish you would see more of in the world?

Tolerance. Acceptance. More unconditional love.

What do you love/appreciate most about the Bad Yogi Community?

What I appreciate and love the most from the Bad Yogi Community is the loyalty, the genuine friendships I have made, the encouragement, the unwavering, unconditional support that I have received (and love to give as well).

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    Mary Gabriel

    September 6, 2018 at 1:32 pm

    My heart is so happy! I love seeing and reading the JOY in her! I am BLESSED to the sister Stefani referenced and man, oh man, did that put a happy tear in my heart. I love what this community has done for her and what she is able to do for it. Mahaho, Erin, Frenchman and Allison for welcoming my sister into the Bad Yogi fam.

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    Mary Gabriel

    September 6, 2018 at 1:35 pm



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