Welcome to Friday Favorites! This post series is where I’ll pop in to share some of the absolute BEST things I come across in the week that are helpful, inspiring, fun, hilarious, interesting, relevant– anything. So stay tuned for some of the best (and I use the term “best” loosely) stuff on the internet from this Bad Yogi’s perspective.

This week, I’ve become majorly obsessed with…

1) Bullet Journaling.
What is it? “A customizable and forgiving organization system. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above.” Looks a liiiiitle complex at a glance, but is actually super intuitive and has been really helpful in keeping me on track during the day. I learned about it in a Buzzfeed blog post which is linked below, but in short: at the most basic level, it requires a notebook and pen, and at the most complex level, it leaves room for endless creativity, color, vibrancy, and personality. I fall in to the “ain’t nobody got time for that” camp and kept mine ultra simple, and I love it. Note: not my actual notebook below because mine is a hot mess and full of secret project notes for now (but stay tuned for more on that soon ;)) Go here to get the basics.

badyogi_bulletjournal_v1 BadYogi_BulletJournal_v1

2) … which then led me to discover Leuchtturm notebooks.
And as a self-proclaimed notebook expert/hoarder, I became instantly obsessed and bought one on the spot. I’m not totally sure what it is, but it’s the perfect simple notebook. They’re about $14 here in France and incredibly sturdy. I love the simplicity and all the freedom the design allows, because while I don’t use it as my Bullet Journal, I do use it for other writing projects and it feels personal and sophisticated. If you care about that sort of frivolity, then definitely check them out 😉 They’re also available in the US but for much more for some reason! Find them on Amazon!
IMG_8655 leuchtturmbadyogi1

3) Summer produce!
The amount of peaches, apricots, oranges, and nectarines we’ve eaten this week is kind of unreal. I can’t get enough! What’s in season near you?
Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 5.42.23 PM

4) This billionaire’s wedding.
I was totally sippin’ that haterade and I had an absolute field day spewing “OMG HOW RIDICULOUS CAN YOU BE?!” about 10,000 times at this truly insane $2 MILLION dollar wedding… I mean, I get that this was probably just as much a publicity stunt as it was a wedding, but MAN ALIVE this is crazy. You gotta see the other pictures. Go here to see the other picturesyou know, if you’re in the mood to waste about 6 minutes.

5) The Euro2016 is HERE and it’s MASSIVE.
The Euro2016 is a major soccer tournament here in Europe. If you combined the excitement of the NBA championship and patriotism of the Olympics, you’d have the Euro2016. Fierce allegiance to your country combined with avid spots-fanning. It’s pretty epic and as a sucker for fanfare of any kind, I’m all about it.

Over to you! Did you discover anything note worthy this week? Anything good, fun, silly, smart, indulgent, or otherwise? Would love to hear from you!