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Bad Yogi City Guide: Karlsruhe, Germany

When I first moved to Germany many people would ask me where I’m located. Berlin? Munich? Well, nope and nope. Actually, I’m a little off the beaten path. You see, I live in Karlsruhe. Never heard of it? That’s cool, as I had never heard of it months before I decided to move there! But you know what? This place is pretty nice! I’m here to give you the highlights.


Karlsruhe is first and foremost known for the Federal Court of Justice (Herrenstraße 45 A, founded 1950) and Federal Constitutional Court (Schloßbezirk 3, founded 1951) here in the city. Basically, it’s where all the laws in Germany come from! 

History pours from the buildings, statues/monuments, and even the pavement you walk on (keep an eye out for gold plates outside buildings as these are signs of people that had been taken away from their homes during WWII).

Not only that, but this city is a really cool blend of industry and forestry, and is amazingly flat for being so close to the Black Forest and the Alps (the only hills you will encounter is when you go over the AutoBahn on a bridge).

Yoga Studios

Don’t worry, I got you covered… kind of. You see, I don’t actually frequent a yoga studio here. For one, I live 10 km from the closest one, and secondly, I just haven’t found any I “clicked” with. So Karlsruhe isn’t a major yoga destination, that doesn’t mean you can’t take your mat (or a towel in my case; my mat weighs a whopping 9 kg. Can anyone guess what brand it is?) and practice in amongst some really lovely scenery!

This lake is a little over 5 minutes from my house. It’s a really lovely spot for a quiet practice in nature.

Like above, you can head to my local lake and bag yourself a private, quiet spot right next to the water (whether you’ve done a power or hatha practice, you can finish your practice off with a dip in the clean water). It is called Baggersee Fuchs&Gros and it has a car park with toilets and a beachy area, or if you prefer something more private there are loads of little spots along the entirety of the lake!

Standard, slightly crooked handstand is a must when exploring the German countryside! 10km from the city (25 min healthy bike ride).

Or you can head into the countryside on the city bikes that are provided by Karlsruhe (rent bikes available literally everywhere! This is also just one of the many rent companies offering bikes.

However, I will also provide you with some web links to the studios that are available, because I imagine practicing outside wouldn’t be very pleasant if you visit in the winter time…. (In saying that though, Karlsruhe is known as one of the hottest cities in Germany!)

  1. Yogastudio Die Matte
  2. Yoga Akademia Karlsruhe
  3. Kiana Yoga Karlsruhe

Unfortunately I haven’t found any English spoken classes, however, most teachers are happy to talk to you in English if they need to adjust/let you know what’s next etc.

All things food, lots and lots of food!

If there’s one thing Germany is known for it’s their portion sizes and unique dishes. Be warned, these dishes are not “yogi” friendly, but they are certainly “bad yogi” friendly! The Germans love their meats and bread and here in the city there is an abundance of traditional German restaurants. A few of my favorites are;

  1. Badish Brauhaus (A fancier feeling restaurant I like to take visiting friends and family to.)
  2. Oxford Pub (English styled but don’t be fooled, they have their fair share of German cuisine and they do KICKASS burgers – a personal favorite of mine!)
  3. Andreasbräu (Also a new favorite – it’s a restaurant that’s a 5 minute walk from my house, so 10 km from the city however if you happen to be staying in a hotel in Leopoldshafen, I highly recommend this place!)

I wish I had photos to share but unfortunately I always forget about snapping a quick pic when the plate has been put down in front of me and all I can think is “Omg, food!!” Does that happen to anyone else? Just me? *shuffles away*

I have spotted a couple veggie/vegan places in the city center as well, however I haven’t tried them as of yet because I love the traditional German food too much!


If you ever want to head out into nature, Pfalz is a short drive (40 km or so) with sweeping tree covered hills and towering sandstone formations peeking out of the trees.




And of course, also being a climber myself, I have to recommend The Rock Boulderhalle (there is also a separate, roped climbing center). The walls are good and it’s loads of fun! Not to mention how amazing it feels to finish my session off with a beer!

Practically live here.

There’s so much Karlsruhe can offer a curious traveler! Things like circus shows, acrobats (I was invited to attend one with a friend but tickets were sold out!) and seasonal festivals happening what feels like all the time!

If you ever decide to visit, be sure to say hi to me! My usual jaunts are at any of the restaurants, bouldering gym, countryside and the lake if the weather is nice.



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    February 7, 2019 at 12:27 pm

    Hi! I’ve followed some of your blogs and videos before. I’ve been wanting to try this bouldering place. I will be moving to the Karlshure area from Boston, MA USA!

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