Welcome to Day 2! How are you feeling since yesterday? You’re in for a real treat today, too!

Usually I don’t take a fitness-y approach to yoga, but with the New Year upon us, I figured a LOT of us had some goals that focused on our health and fitness. This 12-Minute Weight Loss Flow is sure to get your heart pumping but it’s so quick it’ll be over before you know it! We’re moving at a pace that’s one breath per movement AND we’re introducing a super fun “yoga burpee” 😉

Don’t be nervous though! You’ll have less intense options if you want to take it easy. And hey– here’s one fun fact to remember if you start to feel worn out: you can’t fully hear it, but I was totally trying not to pant creepily in to my microphone as I taught this one, haha. I was trying to maintain my composure since I was a little out of breath and at least you have the freedom to breathe however you need! 😉

Let’s do it!