My 1st Trimester Pregnancy Q&A is here!

Pregnancy has already been a wild ride, but I’m so excited to keep sharing the journey with all of you.

These were a few questions I didn’t get around to answering in the first recap I did a few weeks ago, so here’s a few more answers to questions I got!

In this Q&A I’m answering…

– Did we plan it?
– Are we finding out what we’re having (gender wise)?
– Are either of you hoping for a boy or girl?
– Will you give birth in France or the US?
– Do you have a birth plan?
– How do you envision life with a baby & being a mom?
… plus a few more 🤗

I’m going to do these every so often but definitely every trimester as a recap. If you have any questions you want me to answer in future Q&As, drop them in the comments!

Thanks for tuning in and for following along on this journey. All your support means so so much! Sort of can’t believe the 1st trimester is already in the books! Time is flying!