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Awesome Person of the Week: This Teacher is Reading Bedtime Stories to her Students in her Pajamas

There’s no denying that teachers are doing one of the most important jobs in society – they are teaching the generation of tomorrow after all. Most of us still remember our favorite teachers years after we left school. Teachers make an impact on kids and most try to make that impact a lasting one, like Dr. Belinda George, who is the principal of Homer Drive Elementary in Beaumont, Texas and also our awesome person of the week.

Awesome Person of the Week: This Teacher is Reading Bedtime Stories to her Students in her Pajamas_Bad Yogi

Dr. Belinda George is a first-time principal at Homer Drive Elementary in Beaumont, Texas.
Image: Facebook

Next-level dedication to teaching

Today reports that 42-year-old George has taken her dedication to teaching to a whole new level – she is reading bedtime stories on Facebook to her students in her pajamas and the occasional onesie. The idea came to her after she saw the Facebook group titled “Principal Principles Leadership Group”, which provides principals with creative ideas and resources to aid them with their job. After seeing some of the ideas on the group, she decided to dedicate Tuesdays to streaming a bedtime story at 7:30 p.m. CST.

George told Today that 94 percent of the students in her class come from economically disadvantaged homes and she doesn’t know if they are ever being read to, so she decided to take that role upon herself. In the process, she is building a stronger relationship with her students while at the same time encouraging them to read.

George is even reaching people outside her school’s district

Children and their parents alike are loving George’s initiative and now people outside of the Beaumont district are also starting to tune in to Facebook every week for what is now known as “Tucked in Tuesdays”. Some of her Facebook Live videos have received over 2000 views so far and although George did not expect this kind of interest, she is very happy that her videos have become a reason for parents and children to get together and read a book.

Students and parents love the initiative

The feedback from parents on Facebook have also been wonderful, with many praising George’s efforts. One parent commented, “Watching these from Murray, KY. Our daughter enjoys watching these story videos.” Another thanked George for going out of her way for the children. Needless to say, Geroge is kind of overwhelmed by all the love “Tucked in Tuesdays” is receiving. “My parents and scholars absolutely love it. They know my love for their children is beyond the end of the day and definitely beyond Friday,” she says.

Awesome Person of the Week: This Teacher is Reading Bedtime Stories to her Students in her Pajamas_Bad Yogi

Dr. Belinda George’s love for her students has inspired her to read them bedtime stories in her pajamas every Tuesday.
Image: Facebook screenshots

George is just getting started

Since the videos are doing so well, George is planning on expanding the initiative somewhat by inviting special guests to feature on the videos every once in a while. She will be reading books donated by authors and will invite those very same authors to read their books on the live stream – this ought to make her students even more excited to tune in on Tuesdays.

The world can do with more teachers like George. She is quite literally walking the extra mile – in her pajamas! Her kindness and willingness to offer up her time to do something nice for her students is something all of us can get behind. Hopefully, she will inspire other teachers to start similar initiatives.

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