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Which Yoga Pose Are You?

A great yoga teacher ones asked me: “If you were a yoga pose, what yoga pose would you be?” At first it seemed like a simple question. Then it felt like an extremely difficult one. And months later this question is still stuck with me. I believe that the pose you choose is a sign of  ...

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Off the Mat Yoga

Finding Your Favorite Place

To me, life is all about evolving– becoming a better person… and yoga is a big part of that. This song, with the beautiful drawings, always reminds me of that– of my journey. I hope it will also inspire you. Lets all strive to find our favorite place; and even though we seem  ...

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Yoga Practice

I Remember

I remember doing my first 10 minute yoga video and skipping chair pose because it was too difficult, too painful. I remember doing my first hot yoga class and being  much stronger than I believed. I remember not doing yoga at all. I remember starting Erin’s 30-day yoga challenge and  ...

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Some Days You Just Ditch the Diet

You try to do yoga everyday. You try to eat healthy. But some days do not work out as planned. For those days, this song is for you! (Or you can watch this while drinking your superfood green smoothie…) Hope this made your day better! What tricks do you use when you need a little pick-me-up? 🙂

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