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Your Yoga Practice is a Love Affair

Yes please, I would love to spend every waking hour doing yoga and then dreaming about yoga in my sleep. Yoga is my thing, it is what I am meant to be doing. Like all the time. But with our modern society, all your tasks, to-do lists, work, studying, grocery shopping, commuting – and everything  ...

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You Are Enough

Some days nothing goes as planned. Everything you wanted to accomplish seems to have disappeared out of the window. All your goals, all your dreams, are so far away that you can barely see them. You ate a whole bag of candy even though you swore to stop eating sugar. You didn’t show up to  ...

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Sleeping is Part of Self-Care

When I get busy sleeping is the first thing I give up. Like can these days not be a bit longer so I can work 20 hours and then sleep 12 hours!? Sleeping has always been a struggle for me and I haven’t really appreciated it. Until you lack sleep, of course. But it still just turns into a  ...

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Yoga Practice

An Apology Letter to My Left Hip

Please forgive me, my dear. I am so sorry… I see it now. I see how I have mistreated you, I see how I have expected to much of you, I see how I have let you down, repeatedly. Now I understand it. Even though you two – left and right– look the same and used to feel the same, you  ...

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