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Should Your Goals Be Easy?

I am at the edge of reaching a big goal I set for myself. And on that edge, I of course stumbled upon a road block. My own insecure thoughts. I am thinking that it would be so much easier if I’d just skip it. If I quit. If I gave up. It’s so hard! I’m pushing myself hard to  ...

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I Tried It

I Tried It: Being a Morning Person

Usually, during the holidays, I will turn my sleep schedule completely around, stay awake way past midnight and sleep until noon. Not this time though. This time, I was staying in another country for the holidays. The time difference between there and home was five hours, meaning that when it  ...

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Why You Should Set Tiny Goals

Yes, I talk a lot about big, crazy goals. Goals that push you to become greater than you ever dreamed of becoming. Sometimes, those big, crazy goals are ideal. Especially, if they are long-term goals. However, sometimes, big goals aren´t going to work. Sometimes, they are intimidating. They  ...

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