Introducing our August Giveaway with Joriki Yoga

Happy August, Bad Yogis! This month, we are excited to be partnering with Joriki Yoga, a high-end brand of unique yoga apparel, for our August giveaway! 

As such, we are excited to offer you their Tibetan Prayer Flag Crop inspired by the Prayer Flags in Tibet. A percentage of their sale goes back to the victims of the Nepal Earthquake in 2015.

For thousands of years, colorful, rectangular flags have been hung for prayer, healing and harmony in Nepal. In designing a piece to benefit Nepal, Joriki looked to this centerpiece of the Buddhist tradition. Their Tibetan prayer flag pant features a vibrant, geometric pattern inspired by the sacred artifacts.


But wait… there’s MORE

In addition, we’ll be giving away their White Look Forward Give Back Mantra Tee. “Look Forward, Give Back” is Joriki’s mantra and the heart of what they do – giving back with each purchase. A percentage of sales from this tee goes to Kiva which provides micro-loans to women that are struggling financially to help them start their own business.

One winner will be selected to win both the crop leggings and tee in their preferred size. You’ve got ALL month to enter this giveaway!


Bonus for ALL of our Bad Yogis:

Through the end of August, all Bad Yogi readers are able to use the code badyogi for 25% off your total purchase with Joriki yoga.


About Joriki

Social consciousness is the fabric of Joriki’s brand, and a portion of the proceeds from each sale goes to support a carefully selected set of organizations that fight global poverty. We draw our inspiration from around the world, and with each purchase, our customer will be giving back into those communities that desperately need assistance.

Joriki is the strong, individual power that arises when the mind unifies in Zazen concentration. This unique focus enables instinctive action. The yogi who has developed Joriki is free and in control of herself and her circumstance.


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