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Are You Going Too Easy on Yourself?

A year ago, Erin posted an article, were she says that if you are struggling in yoga, you are doing it right.

Reading it, I realized that I had gotten used to yoga being a breeze. I had gotten used to only holding poses for a few seconds.

When teaching, I would only demonstrate poses for a short time, never doing anything really challenging, nor holding it for long enough for it to become challenging.

When practicing by myself, I would only do the easy and well-flowing poses, only holding enough to feel something – instead of holding long enough to grow.

Yes, some of the poses I was doing now used to be very challenging for me.

Now, however, they are not.

I need more. I need the challenge.

My mind however, thinks otherwise.

During vacation, I got the chance to start the long and challenging yoga practices from my YTT again. And I could feel how my thoughts were all a mess, my mindset wasn’t like it used to be.

When I started yoga, everything hurt. And yoga for me, was pushing through and growing strong, besides the pain. Ignoring the feeling of wanting to give up and never step on my mat again.

Now however, I have been trying to keep my yoga a pure feel-good practice.

The truth is though, that without the struggle, without the extra effort, and the shakiness, there would be no increased strength. There would be no growth.

So, for that reason, I am writing these words of Erin on my heart, remembering them and living by them.

She says: “So decide to be one of those people that others can look at and say, “Wow, it must be so easy for him/her.” And then YOU can be the one to think to yourself, “Oh you have no idea…” as you nod along and smile 😉”

From now on, I will (try my very best) to welcome the challenge. I will push through. I will hold for one breath longer than I believe I am capable of. I will go a little bit further than I believe I can, pushing beyond what I see possible.

Because, I can honestly tell you, that the past me, from a few years ago, never thought I;d be able to do what I can do today. She just tried her very best to conquer that daily practice, without any promise of ever feeling better or getting stronger.

And I know, that she would be extremely proud of were I am today.

So, while being grateful for what I achieved already, I will keep going and get even further. I will reach a place that the me today doesn’t even dream of.

I am going to keep practicing, keep shaking, keep growing.

Becoming stronger every day.

Celebrating what my body is capable of.

And dreaming of what I will be able to do, in a year, or ten, from now.

How do you balance challenge and feeling good in your yoga practice?

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