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An Apology Letter to My Left Hip

Please forgive me, my dear. I am so sorry… I see it now. I see how I have mistreated you, I see how I have expected to much of you, I see how I have let you down, repeatedly. Now I understand it. Even though you two – left and right– look the same and used to feel the same, you aren’t the same. And it is unfair of me to expect the same from both of you.

Forgive me for trying to get you into difficult poses when I knew you weren’t ready.

Forgive me for thinking badly of you.

Forgive me for talking badly about you.

Forgive me for always comparing you with others.

Forgive me for never giving you the chance to prove your worth.

Forgive me for expecting to much.

Forgive me for never giving you room to grow.

Forgive me for not loving you enough to see through your challenges.

Forgive me for not supporting you.

Forgive me for everything that I’ve done to hurt you. Because you do deserve love. And it is only with love that you can grow – not in this poisonous atmosphere you have been living in.

So lets be friends now. Lets work together. And if you let me, come with me on a journey of endless amount of patience, love and kindness.

Because I know you are capable of amazing things. I just need to be loving and patient enough to create the circumstances for it to happen.

But also know, that you are perfect just the way you are.

You are perfect exactly like you are right now, this very second.

You do not have to change at all for me to love you.

I will always love you, exactly the way you are.

So from now I will make a promise, and I will stick to it. We will move past this. We will make all our dreams come true, together!

So from now on it’s you and me, baby – you and me against the world!

From now on all you will get is love.

With all my love and kindness,

always yours <3

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  1. Amanda Sides

    Amanda Sides

    March 5, 2017 at 11:59 am

    Lovely. I think it’s key to speak nicely to our bodies! They’re doing the best they can to meet our many (often inconsiderate) demands, and the least we can do is honor them with kind words. And hopefully kind actions to match. 🙂

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