Sex education is super important, but it shouldn’t stop when we’re teenagers. Let’s be honest: adults have no idea what they’re doing either. Not in a literal way, but navigating insecurity, body image, figuring out what’s “normal,” and how to own your sexuality can be complex. All of those things are a lot easier said than done.

I’m SO thrilled to be sharing this chat with Emily Nagoski. She’s the author of the New York Times Best Seller Come As You Are. If you haven’t read it, you MUST. I expected it to be a fluffy book full of shock value (basically a glorified Cosmo article), but nope. Emily brings the science without sounding too serious but also without sounding raunchy. It’s the most empowering thing about sexuality I’ve ever read and can’t recommend it enough.

Emily is fun and funny and so easy to talk to about all of this. You’ll feel much more at ease with yourself just from listening to this. Seriously.

Today we’re chatting about…

– The one concept everyone should know that will transform how we think about consent & what our bodies “want”
– The dual control model of sexual response
– How to find your “on” switches and make sure the “off” switches aren’t cramping your style (this will make sense after the episode, I promise!)
– How to overcome shame around sexuality if you were raised in a repressive household
– How to have more quality sex even when you have young children/have no time/are struggling in your relationship/have body image issues
– How to keep sex amazing even in long term relationships
– Plus 3 mini homework assignments Emily wants you to do!
There’s plenty more we cover, but I’ll let you discover them on your own as you listen.


Want more of Emily?!
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She’s also on Twitter @emilynagoski and Instagram @enagoski.
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