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Alo Yoga Is Determined to Make Yoga and Meditation Accessible to Kids

Most of us who have a regular yoga practice can agree that it is pretty much life-changing. It helps us deal with stress and gives us that daily dose of feel-good vibes that you can’t find anywhere else than on your mat. If you only discovered yoga much later in your life, you’re probably wishing that you could’ve started earlier on. That’s what Alo Yoga is here for -their number one priority is to get kids to start doing yoga at a  young age. In turn, they’ll have a lifetime to reap all the benefits.

Unfamiliar With Alo Yoga?

Are you wondering what the heck Alo Yoga is? Well, they’re actually a yoga apparel brand that has decided to give back and they’re not stingy at all. Fashion Week Daily reports that the company launched its brand new (and very awesome) campaign on Tuesday.

The campaign goes by the name of Alo Gives, which is a non-profit foundation. This foundation’s sole purpose is to introduce people to yoga at a young age, so they’re focusing on who matters most – the youth. The foundation is making it its mission to bring no-cost yoga to as many children as possible – specifically 2 million school children across 100,000 classrooms in New York and California. That’s a lot of new yogis in the making! Scholastic has thrown its weight behind the campaign, helping Alo to connect with all the schools. We think they both deserve a round of applause. 👏🏽👏🏿👏🏻

Alo Yoga Is Determined to Make Yoga and Meditation Accessible to Kids_Bad Yogi

Alo Gives will focus on teaching kids yoga from a young age.
Image: Alo Yoga

Alo Gives is making yoga accessible to kids

To make yoga accessible to all the young yogis out there, Alo created a curriculum of short yoga classes that teachers can practice with children in the classroom. Parents can also do it at home with their kids. The classes make up a 12-week series – each week has an overarching theme which is divided into five classes, each with their own mini-theme. The classes consist of 3 yoga and 2 meditation lessons and are no longer than 6 minutes each. Some of the themes the classes focus on include titles like Be Brave, Be Strong, Be Focused, and Be Flexible. The best part about all of this? All the classes are entirely free!

Alo Yoga Is Determined to Make Yoga and Meditation Accessible to Kids_Bad Yogi

All the classes in the Alo Gives curriculum are entirely free.
Image: Alo Yoga

Alo’s decision to create this platform for children comes from the belief that yoga and meditation will provide children with the necessary mental and physical skills to take on life. Yoga involves a series of movements and breathing exercises that can help children to learn how to quiet their minds and banish negative feelings and thoughts. It can also help them to learn how to find their inner calm in the midst of chaos, fear, and frustration. Most importantly, yoga will help them to focus on learning in a clear-headed way.

Alo’s marketing techniques are brilliant

In order to spread the word about the new campaign and get people all around the world to notice their amazing initiative, Alo started the hashtag #AloGives on Instagram. It’s pretty much gone viral since. Alo posted a series of images on its Instagram page, making up one single image of a child holding out their hand with a number written on it.

Alo Yoga Is Determined to Make Yoga and Meditation Accessible to Kids_Bad Yogi

The campaign Alo Gives started on Instagram is getting a lot of attention from yogis everywhere.
Image: Instagram Screenshot (@alogives)

The caption of the post explained the new initiative, saying that since the kids of today experience even more anxiety and pressure than the previous generation, Alo believes that yoga and mindfulness will help them to deal with daily life and all the challenges it brings. They encouraged everyone to write down their age when they first started doing yoga on their hands and post it with the hashtag #AloGives to spread the word of the new campaign.

In their Instagram stories, Alo explained a bit more about the initiative. The video bids the question of how you would have benefitted if you started doing yoga at a younger age. It then suggests that perhaps by teaching yoga to the next generation at an earlier age, we might even be able to change the world. Hell yes, we can totally get behind that idea.

Yogis all over the world are sharing their stories

Thousands of yogis started to spread the word on Instagram with their pictures, with many sharing stories of how they started their yoga practice and how it has changed their lives.

One user wrote “I often wondered what my life would have looked like if I had found yoga earlier. Would my body not hold the scars it holds today from self-inflicted harm? Would my esophagus and GI system not be damaged from years of anorexia?”

Another user confessed that he used to be embarrassed about doing yoga and meditation to process childhood trauma because it didn’t fit the mold of  “being a man”. It was only in his twenties that he became open to the benefits of the practice.

Another yogi said that yoga literally changed her life and made her the person she’s always wanted to be.

A yogi in his 40s is throwing his weight behind the campaign, saying that yoga changed him and his life in a thousand ways and he hopes every child will discover it early in their life.

One user shared a heart-wrenching story of how she found yoga when her daughter was on life support and how it changed her outlook on the situation.

Another yogi shared how she started doing yoga after cheerleading and found that it wasn’t actually as easy as it looked saying, “Yoga stripped my ego away and showed me what it means to be truly strong.”

Yoga is totally worth a try

If you’re an avid yogi who is in your twenties, your forties or even your eighties, we bet you wish that you could’ve started yoga at a younger age. Kids of today are lucky indeed. Do remember that no matter what your age, you can jump in and do Alo’s program too – nothing and no one is stopping you and you’ll reap the same benefits as the kids. Seeing so many inspiring stories of how yoga changed thousands of lives on Instagram is amazing indeed. It’s proof that yoga is life changing. It can change the way you look at life and at yourself. It can inspire self-love like nothing else can. In the end, isn’t that what we’re all striving for?

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