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YOUR AD HERE: Advertise Your Small Business with Bad Yogi Magazine

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Bad Yogi Magazine is spreading its wings, and is doing something we’ve never done before. But in true Bad Yogi fashion, we’re doing it on our terms.

We are now accepting advertising on Bad Yogi Magazine, and we’re making it hella accessible to the small indie businesses that our community would love. That’s right, we’re not seeking out the big fishes right now (although we love you, too). We want to give YOU and your small business the chance to shine.


  • $80 for two weeks of advertising spots.
  • You’ll get one ad placed in two different spots on the magazine. One ad will be visible on our homepage, and one visible on article pages.
  • Like things simple? It’s pretty much as simple as that.


Small businesses selling products our community would be interested in. Our Yogis are health- and eco-conscious, but also might appreciate a nice glass of wine after a killer yoga practice, or a good slice of pizza, or delicious burger, loaded with all the toppings. We are yogis, but we are Bad Yogis.

Sorry, but we’re not looking to advertise your sea monkey farm at this time unless the sea monkeys can teach you Sanskrit.


We’ll get into the nitty gritty if we all decide we’re a match made in heaven. But we’ll make this an easy and enjoyable experience for you. Do you NEED to know the minimum requirements needed to promote your business with us? Fine, fine. A few high-resolution images would be most excellent.

Interested in beefing up the experience a bit more with custom IG stories, or a sponsored article, promoting your ad? Reach out to us and we’ll talk details.


For consideration, send your advertising pitch, with brief details on the product(s) you sell, to help @ badyogi dot com with the subject line BY Ad. If you have a specific set of dates in mind, please include that in your pitch. We will honor ad slots on a first come, first served basis. We can wait to work with you!

What if I want to submit a guest post?

Why thank you! We’re glad you have interest in contributing to Bad Yogi Magazine, but at this time, we are not accepting guest posts.

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