9 Ideas for Your Bullet Journal in 2018

I am just about to finish my first year using a bullet journal. As the new year approaches, here are a few kick-ass things to put in your next (or first) bullet journal!

Write down your victories from 2017

If this isn’t something you wrote on the last pages of your last bullet journal (if that did exist, that is), this is how you should start this one!

Find the first blank page. Write “Victories of 2017” at the top of the page. Set a timer. And then, for at least 10 minutes, write as many things as you can think of, that you did great last year.

However big or small it might be, write it down. Own it. Be proud.

It will give you a sense of accomplishment, a time to see what you’ve done so far, so you can look to the future with motivation and pride.

Create a habit tracker for the whole year

Is there something you are focusing on these days? Do you want to keep a daily yoga practice? Meditate? Write? Read?

Whatever it might be, make a tracker for it. So, at the end of the year you’ll be able to see how you did.

Seeing the year as a whole can show you how you actually did, and as this is long term, you could still be motivated to keep going, even though you lose your habit for some time.

The messy tracker for my meditation this year

Determine how satisfied you are with your life right now

Hal Elrod says that everyone should be working towards a level 10 life, creating the best possible life for themselves. Doing a Level 10 life evaluation in your bullet journal (using his 10 most important focus areas or creating your own) can be a powerful exercise to see where you are at right now.

It will also give you chance to set a few goals for each category, seeing what you can do to increase your overall life satisfaction.

Coming back to your evaluation some months later is also a great way to re-evaluate and see were you’ve grown and on what things you need to put your focus on next.

And, it’s super pretty and colourful. Pinterest will help you out with it! (And creating it might help you to let go of your perfectionism tendencies).

It’s going to be messy. For me, the different colours show how I’ve gone up a level since January.

Create a bucket list

In the first pages of my bullet journal, I created a page with “100 goals in 10 years.” It was a fun exercise, needing to come up with all kinds of things to write and sometimes realizing that I actually wanted to do things that I had never thought about.

I also created a “Someday list” of things that I want to do, someday.

Creating lists like that, without them having any purpose after they have been written, or any follow-up, can be fun and show you were you are actually headed in life.

Set a crazy goal

Is there something you really want to do and are still very scared to do? Set a crazy goal. A goal so crazy that you know you’ll need to become a different you to be able to reach it.

Last year, I set a goal of teaching 100 yoga classes. At the time, I had taught only three classes, had no connections and knew I’d need to grow a hell lot to actually reach that goal.

I think you already know what goal you want to focus on. Write it down. Create a tracker for it. And get to work!

There are so many different ways to track your goals.

Visualize your future

Write down how your life will look like in five, ten or fifteen years. Write down your dreams, even though they may seem very scary. Put your thoughts on paper, saying what you will have achieved by then. Because, like with the crazy goal, you will need to become a different person to reach that future.

If done right (and I am sure you will), this will be a very empowering exercise. Helping you see where you are heading, and what you should be focusing on today, to slowly and steadily reach that future.

Collect beautiful words

If you love words, like I do, you might want to collect quotes in your bullet journal. My current journal is filled with quotes that are spread all over, with no rules whatsoever, scribbling them in any available space.

I also wrote down the main points from this article. It was nice, to summarize an article I really connected with in such a way, making it easy for me to access and read through whenever I feel like it.

Allow yourself to create a collection of whatever you feel like, taking notes from talks or books. Give words that inspire you space on your pages.

Create a “done” list

It can feel overwhelming to have a bullet journal, full of to do lists and goals, that you may or may not be moving towards. If times are challenging and you are doing a bit to much, create a done list. I both had a weekly overview with my goals, along with a weekly overview of what I actually did. That way, even though I could tick nothing of my to do list, I could still see what I had achieved that day, always finishing a day with a sense of accomplishment.

Write a letter to yourself

On the very last page of your bullet journal, right yourself a letter. A letter to the future you, the one that will read the letter when you’ve finished the book.

Tell that future you how proud you are of him/her. Say whatever you feel like saying.

And then, whenever you finish that book, you’ll get to read that letter.

I am just about to finish mine, and I can honestly say that I have no idea what I actually wrote there. I am looking forward to reading it.


Take what you like and leave the rest. Make sure that your bullet journal will be exactly that, yours.

Embrace it. Love it. And create the journal that you have always wanted, and needed.

I hope that you will see the power that such a journal can give you, like I have.

What are you putting in your bullet journal this year? Share your ideas with us!

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