One day a fellow yogi and I started talking about passion. And the more we talked, the more I wondered what goes into one’s passion? And do passions change with age? I guess the answers are relative to one’s own persona. And knowing my persona better than anyone else’s, I started thinking about my passions. Unfortunately, I could not come up with one. At my age (late 50’s) I have acquired many, many interests, but none that I thought would or could be defined as a passion. I even started writing down my interests to see if there was a “passion” in there somewhere. I still couldn’t come up with just one.

But as I looked over the list, I found it quite interesting to see my interests grow and evolve over the years. And the more I thought about these things, the longer and more encompassing the list grew. It actually turned into a “List of Me”. And here’s the strangest, maybe most narcissistic thing about the list – I feel the need to share it with you. Not necessarily to get your approval (as yogis we should not want or need other’s approval – but we are human, so most of us still do). But I want share it with you so you will think about your personal “List of Me”. What and who are you ….. at this age?

For me, at this age I …..

1. Have conflicting feelings about just about everything…
2. Often wonder if I should care more deeply about what happens around me
3. There are days I care about the job, and there are days I don’t.
4. Really like the college-age people and the “millennials”. I admire their belief that they can change the world.
5. Wish I had had more courage to make different decisions earlier in life
6. Appreciate the family I have
7. Often feel conflicted about past, present and future
8. Want to chuck away life and join the Peace Corps. (I never took the chance to do it earlier in life)
9. Can’t wait to retire
10. Like to write
11. Have rediscovered my love of the outdoors
12. Like the wild and crazy people more than the conservative
13. Like tattoos and piercings, but don’t have any
14. Give people a lot of benefit of doubt
15. Take most every thing at face value
16. Trust more people than I probably should
17. Think most people are inherently honest
18. Believe in diversity
19. Don’t even sweat the Big stuff
20. Definitely don’t sweat the small stuff
21. Small children make me smile
22. Don’t feel this age
23. Love music more than I did earlier in life
24. Enjoy yoga
25. Love any outdoor activity
26. Could live in a “tiny house”
27. Worry a bit more about my health
28. Work harder to stay healthy
29. Still have a sweet tooth – especially for chocolate
30. Believe more in alternative medicine
31. Like to watch college football
32. Want to have the personal courage & self-confidence that tattooed and pierced people had to get tatted and pierced
33. Love a glass of wine to take the edge off
34. Love an “old fashioned” to take a bigger edge off.
35. Like people more
36. Like animals more
37. Smile more
38. Don’t get mad as easy
39. Like babies
40. Enjoy my children’s success
41. Like my quiet time
42. Think I can learn so much from the younger generation
43. Love to learn
44. Love to people watch – My reasons for people watching are different now (when I was younger it was to make me feel superior – now I know no one is superior. Now want to know their stories)
45. Make sure I say thank you
46. Give random compliments
47. Want to make a difference
48. Want to leave a legacy of caring and doing good
49. Want to sail around the world
50. Most often, I don’t worry about what the next day will bring
51. Am excited about the unknown
52. Like all seasons
53. Like to eat strange new things
54. Want to experience everything
55. Wish I knew more about stuff – any kind of stuff
56. Have regrets
57. Wish I had more money. Not to buy more stuff, but to have the opportunity to do more things. Especially things with family and friends.
58. Want to give to every charity
59. Don’t read enough
60. Realize I’ve forgotten too many things
61. Wish the best for everyone
62. Wonder why so many people take things so seriously
63. Really don’t like bullies
64. Believe most politicians don’t always tell the truth
65. Believe most politicians still want to help the little guy
66. Like to hear other peoples stories – the stories that have made them who they are
67. Don’t think I have sacrificed enough
68. Have an extreme respect for military veterans
69. Seem to get tired more easily
70. Wish I could play a musical instrument
71. Wish I could sing in tune
72. Still like to travel
73. Like to fly places
74. Get lonely but like my quiet time (I know, it’s a paradox)
75. Know I could’ve been a better husband.
76. Get excited seeing a rabbit, frog or other small animal jump across my path
77. Care less about how my body looks and more how it feels
78. Know I could have been a better friend
79. Wish I had true friendships (I have lots of acquaintances)
80. Love meeting new people
81. Don’t understand religion
82. Wonder if I should have raised my children religious
83. Appreciate other people’s sacrifices
84. Hope to someday enjoy my grandchildren
85. Like the colors and smells of flowers
86. Hope to continue adding to this list

Did you notice that some things on this list conflict with other things on the list? I did. I don’t know what to make of those conflicts. I think it just says I’m human, part of a big tribe of people, trying to do my best with what I’m presented with. What about you? How does your list “at this age” compare to one you may have made years ago? Or how will it compare to a future list? Think about it. Thank you for allowing me to share.

What does your list look like? Share with us in the comments!