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8 Guilt-Free Snack Ideas You May Not Have Tried

Snack ideas are always the hardest type of food inspiration to come up with, right?! And let’s be honest: guilt should mostly be removed from our food choices. But occasionally, our food choices make us physically ill or, at the very least, super uncomfortable, so a little self control can go a long way. And for me, a huge part of self-love is listening to my bodies cues and taking the route that feels best for me.

If all food was healthy food, I’d snack on potato chips, iced lattes, and probably all variations of packaged food items you can find in the “snack” aisle of your grocery store, lol! But these foods do NOT make me feel good! So, on a regular basis, I like to stick with snacks that make me feel energized, fueled, and satiated.

Here are a few of my favorite guilt-free snack ideas…

1. Jerky.
I’m always looking for healthy ways to get protein, and now there’s SUCH a huge variety! You can have beef, chicken, turkey, and even salmon jerky! Choose one that has few ingredients and not too much sugar or salt, and this makes a for one of my favorite healthy snack ideas.

2. Yogurt pairfaits. 
I make my own “parfait” with plain yogurt, a half a teaspoon of maple syrup, fresh berries, a sprinkle of flaxseed or chia, and maybe a spoonful of low sugar granola. It’s filling, it’s nutritious, and it can be made on the cheap.

3. Small portions of your favorite meals.
Do you have leftovers from dinner last night? Did you meal prep so there’s a few things ready to go in the fridge? It takes all of 10 minutes of active work to prep a batch of brown rice/quinoa and protein (chicken or tempeh or tofu). We make a large batch of each one or two days a week, and I make snack size portions from everything. Sometimes it’s 1/2 cooked brown rice with a few florets of broccoli, olive oil, salt & pepper. Sometimes it’s 1/2 a piece of chicken with a spoonful of hummus and some sliced red pepper. Snacks don’t have to be a category of their own! They can be small versions of food you already eat!

4. A mini cheese board.
I LOVE making a small plate with hummus, a few olives, some slices of bell pepper, a small piece of cheese (if i have it), and a handful of my favorite crackers or a piece of pita bread. The fun, fancy factor is real here too 😉

5. Hummus + a veggie.
I know it’s a common theme, but sometimes “common” escapes us! I ALWAYS have hummus in the fridge because it’s SO satisfying with a bell pepper! It’s a great snack that fills me up for a couple hours, and that’s usually all I need to hold me over until my next meal.

6. Protein smoothies/shakes. 
If you’re into function over flash, you can easily go to work with an empty water bottle with a scoop of protein in there. That way you can just fill with water, shake, and drink whenever you’re ready for it. I do this often! Especially once mid-afternoon hits and I realize I haven’t had any protein all day, it gets the job done. You could also blend in fruit, nut butter, and/or some ice if you’re home!

7. Medjool dates + peanut butter.
For those of you with a sweet tooth that won’t quit, try a medjool date with a swipe of peanut butter on top. I’m not a sweets person unless it’s chocolate, but THIS. IS. DELICIOUS. And dates deliver an ultra sweet satisfaction without having to compromise nutrition.

8. Make-ahead muffins.
Whether they’re sweet or savory, anything you can prep ahead of time, like muffins, is SO convenient when you need a snack. I’m of the belief that if you’re genuinely hungry and not just bored, whatever healthy snack you have on hand will do. When I’m SUPER hungry, I’ll gladly eat an apple. When I’m bored, I don’t want the apple, but I definitely want some Pringles (LOL!). So if you’re prepared ahead of time, you’re much more likely to make healthy choices.

Over to you! What are your go-to snack ideas? Do share! This is one of those areas where we could ALL constantly use the inspiration! 🙂 Lots of Bad Yogis have submitted their own recipes to the Magazine, too! You can browse them right here

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