Let’s stop pretending that everyone in the yoga world loves their bodies. We all get self-conscious, even body love coaches like myself.  No amount of Lululemon gear and handstands selfies can make that go away.

As a yoga teacher and body love coach, I’ve discovered incredible tools for loving and appreciating my body. Today I’m bringing you a few of my favorites. These are my 8 Bad Yogi Ways to Love Your Body.

  1. Be selfish.
    Selfishness isn’t always a bad thing. Wanting a better relationship with your body is selfish in the greatest sense of the word. Give yourself permission to lack all consideration for what others think about your body. Selfishly pursue a loving relationship with your body purely for personal profit and pleasure.
  2.  Stop caring about how you look in your yoga pants.
    Make your life and your yoga more about feeling good and less about looking good. Adopt my favorite mantra – Will this make me feel good?  Does my butt look big in those pants? I have no idea. I’m too busy not caring as I soak in a post-yoga bubble bath serenaded by Michael Buble on Spotify.
  3. Don’t fixate on traditional alignment.
    Traditional alignment does not work for every body. Take for instance the fact that I am not at all like the thin, middle-aged Indian men who created the traditional yoga posture alignment. I am a short, twenty-six year old woman with hips that don’t lie. My torso doesn’t gracefully twist around my thighs in rotated postures. Rather, I’m left to twist only as far as my breasts, which have been strapped down by a straight jacket-esque sports bra, and hips will allow. It’s not traditional, but it works for me.
  4. Meditate your way.
    Let meditation be whatever you want it to be. Maybe it’s lying down on the floor in silence, walking outside, dancing, or singing loudly in your car. To mend my own relationship with my body I needed to soothe it, but I also needed to have fun with it. Creating my own meditation style has allowed me to do just that.
  5. Know that green smoothies don’t matter.
    Yes, you heard me correctly. Green smoothies don’t matter. If they make you feel bloated like they do me, or you can’t stomach the thought of consuming spinach in liquid form, ditch the smoothies. There are other healthy foods. You’re still a badass wellness goddess without the liquid greens.
  6. Stop doing yoga postures that don’t feel good.
    I hate standing on my head. It hurts my neck and my shoulders for days afterwards. Headstand does not make me feel good, so I don’t do it. Here is your free pass to ignore any posture that totally sucks.
  7. Make up mantras. The sanskrit mantras rarely resonate with me, so I make up my own like – trust the process and practice radical belief – to help me counter negative self-talk. It’s fun. Try it.
  8. Ditch the morning ritual.
    Perhaps the baddest yogi thing of all – how can I even function without a morning ritual?! Don’t worry, I’m doing just fine. In order to experience fun, love, and appreciation in my body I need to clock some serious shut-eye. If you’re like me, stop trying to force yourself to wake up earlier than necessary to carry out a morning ritual. The extra sleep is amazing.8 Bad Yogi Ways to Love Your Body