Yoga poses for kids don’t have to be complex or impossible to find. I think the best way to get kids to do yoga is to give them poses that sound fun and familiar.

These poses are totally kid-friendly and easy to do. You might recognize them as ones you’ve done in regular yoga classes, but I tweaked the names to sound a little more accessible to little ones 🙂

I’ve taught many kid’s yoga classes and find poses with animal or nature names go over really well. Simple visualizations that invoke strength, peace, and happiness are fantastic and enjoyable for any age.

Get creative with your descriptions, pose variations, and even names! Having fun is a top priority with all the other benefits

1. Butterfly Pose.
This is an easy one to start with. Encourage the kiddos to sit up tall and breathe deeply and imagine floating like a butterfly! 
2. Cat Pose.
Streeeeetch like you just woke up from a nice long, lazy cat nap. Depending on the age you could even encourage a playful “meow” or little tail wag!

3. Cow Pose.
… and move right into cow pose! With a big ol’ inhale, encourage those little bellies to gently drop down towards the imaginary pasture as you look up towards the sky. You can move between cat & cow several times.

4. Snake Pose.
Slither up into a majestic snake and then let the chest float back down. Again, just like cat/cow, you can move into “snake” and then float back down to lying flat.

5. Tree Pose.
Let the kids get creative here! Encourage them to reach long and tall with their branches, and maybe even ask what kind of tree they are. Play with imagining strong roots in the feet so they can stand tall and strong. Maybe even sway a little side to side to play with balance! Have fun with it!
6. Strong Warrior.
They can be warriors for anything– warriors of peace, of art, of joy, school and studies, of love– it’s not about “fighting” in the traditional sense, but being a strong warrior for whatever they’re passionate about. Encourage feeling strength in mind and body, and focus on something they care about. 
7. Mermaid Pose.
Do this one on the right and left sides. Maybe imagine sitting on a nice, warm beach, stretching from side to side while the waves crash in the background.

It’s not pictured here, but I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE doing a short guided meditation with kids. Let them lie down in Savasana for this and take them through a simple, guided visualization meditation. For kids I’ve taught, encouraging them to find their “happy, peaceful place” is effective. I tell them it can be totally made-up and imaginary, or a real place they’ve been. I guide them through mentally transporting themselves there and imagining what it feels like, looks like, smells like– everything!

Over to you! Have you taught or have your own kids ever done kid’s yoga? Do you have any other poses you would add to this list?