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7 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat, Bad Yogi Style

We all know that you gotta stay hydrated and in the shade during summer, but sometimes it’s just not enough. When the temperatures get way up there (like in a scary way), your normal routines kinda fall by the wayside, and it’s time to break out the serious stay-cool strategies. And we’ve got you covered for that, Bad Yogi style!

Have a cool-down cocktail

Margaritas or daquiris are pretty much made for hot summer days. Hit up our margarita recipe, DIY your own, or find a restaurant with AC or a nice patio. I can also highly recommend mixing up a batch of something delicious, then freezing it into ice cubes or popsicle molds for an extra chill-out factor.

Alternative: Mocktails are a safe bet for hot weather, especially since they skip the alcohol that can leave you dehydrated. Grab fruit juices, club soda, La Croix, fresh mint, and whatever else strikes your fancy, and get your mixologist on.

Get to the nearest body of water

Maybe you can do it in true Bad Yogi style on the French Riviera?

Ugh, too bad this place is so ugly 😜😉 #badyogi #badyogisunite #saturday

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Or maybe not. If you’ve got a beautiful ocean, river, lake, whatever nearby, I highly recommend dropping everything and going there. I live about an hour from the beautiful Oregon coast, which is always significantly cooler than my home, and I’ve taken a few mental health days this summer to sit by the ocean. Just remember to stay hydrated and slathered in sunscreen if you do go outside!

Alternative: Get a kiddie pool! You can grab a basic one for less than $25, fill it up with a few bags of ice or get out the hose.

Do some cooling yoga poses

Your yoga practice doesn’t have to be all sun salutations and sweaty flows! There are quite a few poses that are intended to cool your body down. Here are a few to try:

  • reclining twists
  • forward folds
  • butterfly pose
  • puppy pose
  • supported backbends
  • legs up the wall

Don’t be afraid to let your yoga practice happen in minimal clothing either! Who needs shirts and leggings when it’s boiling hot outside?

Alternative: Stick to savasana! Seriously, laying down and letting your limbs splay out and just resting for even a few minutes is incredibly beneficial.

Diffuse essential oils

I don’t know what I’d do without my essential oil diffusers. I have a couple from Radha Beauty and Miu, and they weren’t expensive and they work great. There’s an essential oil for pretty much whatever you’re trying to cultivate in your life, and cooling down is no exception. Try out spearmint, peppermint, eucalyptus, or lemongrass (or make a blend). Bonus: your house will smell amazing.

Alternative: If essential oils are too “woo” for you (I feel you, but I also encourage you to give it a try!), there are lots of cooling sprays you can grab (this is one of my faves) and spritz on when you’re feeling overheated.

Take baths

Baths are so beneficial for your overall wellness. It can seem a bit counter-intuitive to take a bath when you’re um, already sweaty, but a somewhat cool bath (think just below body temperature) can help you out! Look for bubble bath or other bath products that have cooling, relaxing ingredients. And maybe take that cool drink with you.

Alternative: If a long bath isn’t your thing, take a shower that’s even 10% cooler than you normally would. You don’t have to go full-on cold shower, but spending a few minutes in cool water will seriously help you out. I do this most nights before bed during the summer, and it helps me fall asleep even if it’s muggy.

Cook heat-free

Turning on the oven when it’s hot out is the last thing you want to do, right? There are plenty of recipes that are quick and easy and don’t require sweating over a stove for hours (here’s one!).

Alternative: Forget the kitchen and go out to eat. Get ice cream after. Why not treat yourself?

Have an outing

The movies, the mall, a museum, wherever you can think of that is perfectly cooled – go there!

Alternative: Outings don’t have to be spendy! Check out what’s going on at your local library, second-run movie theaters, or your friends’ houses (if they have central AC).

What are your favorite ways to stay cool when it’s burning up outside?


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