You can’t become a full-time vegan overnight. Or, you can, but all you will do is tell all your friends and later sneak a piece of cheese (goat cheese amiright?!)

It took me a long time to become vegan, and even now I’m only strictly vegan-at-home (it’s an official thing I just made up, roll with me). This is sustainable and realistic for me right now. Here’s how I did it.

Stage 1: Change to ethical cleaning products.

Run out of toilet paper? Buy Seventh Generation. Their slogan makes my heart happy. Run out of hand soap? How about some Mrs. Meyers? I recommend their Apple Cider and Mum scents for fall!

Stage 2: Change to ethical personal care products.

Scared of the chemicals in tampons? Check out Veeda or Thinx. Need condoms? Look at Sustain. Make-up? Ask Erin Motz and check out her cool Q and A on ethical beauty products (I don’t wear make-up, so don’t ask me!).

Stage 3: Recycle or donate old clothes and buy new clothes from sustainable manufacturers.

Pata-gucci no more. Patagonia has very reasonable and long-lasting products. Are you a yoga teacher? Check out Prana. They have great deals for yoga teachers. Check out Miakoda for the best in slouchies and stylish activewear because who wants real waistbands? Download the DoneGood ( chrome extension to search all sorts of ethical brands across the world.

Stage 4: Stop eating meat.

For some, probably psychological, reason it’s easier to stop eating meat than it is to stop eating, say, goat cheese. Maybe try to stop eating meat 1-2 days a week and see how you feel. I recommend going a number of days in a row so you can really feel the physical difference.

Stage 5: Compost.

Don’t throw all your new veggie scraps into a landfill. Invest in a compost bucket or partner with a local company to come and collect your veggie scraps (there will be lots and it will be awesome!) if you don’t have citywide compost pick-up where you live.

Stage 6: Commit.

Run out of eggs? Don’t buy more. Decide whether you really miss and need them. No more yogurt? Try coconut yogurt instead. Or mix bananas, dates, peanut butter, and almond milk in a smoothie. You will enjoy it more than yogurt, promise.

Stage 7: Forgive yourself.

If you eat butter, you eat butter. You’re trying. It’s a process and no one is perfect all the time, even vegans.

What do you think, yogis? Interested in giving any of these a try? Let us know in the comments!