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7 Fit Bottomed Ways to Make the Most of Your Yoga Class

You love yoga. But are you getting the most out of your favorite yoga class? Are there little things you could do to make it even more of a bad-ass session? We think so. So we at Fit Bottomed Girls have put our fit bottomed brains together to bring you seven tips to make the most of your next yoga class, no matter what type of yoga you’re into!

1. Don’t compare yourself to others. There’s only one you. Which pretty much makes you a unicorn. So, why would you let your confidence be determined by what the other people around you are doing? Don’t worry about how bendy the girl is next to you or how the dude to your right can get into EVERY post. Do your own thing. Yoga is a practice—and a one-person practice at that. Having trouble busting free of the comparison trap? We have tips!

2. Give it a chance. Trying a new class or a new studio or instructor? Try to go in with a mind as open as your hips are in pigeon pose. It may not be the same thing you’re used to, which is part of what makes it awesome. And a new format or instructor may take you a few tries to really dig. So give it time, yoga grasshopper.


3. Have the right gear. We do not think you need a $100 mat and name-brand yoga pants to get a great practice going. Yes, those things can be awesome, but really, all you need is a mat that allows you to not slip, a top and bottom that stays put and won’t ride up or down when you go up and down, your bare toes and a few accessories like a block, strap or blanket to better get into poses. (And remember tip no. 1—there’s no shame in modifying!)

4. Note your progress. Unlike running or lifting weights where you can measure distance or pounds lifted, it can be hard to quantify yoga and how it’s changing your life and your fitness. So take a few minutes once a week or even once a month to noodle on your yoga goals and any breakthroughs you’ve had, like mastering a new pose, meditating longer or simply having more energy. Celebrating each and every one of those moments is a fantastic way to stay motivated and engaged.


Fit Bottomed Girls Erin (left) and Jenn

5. Make friends. Everything is better with friends, including yoga. So make friends with those near your mat.

6. Push yourself. It’s easy to get into a rut, but if you really want to see change in your body and your mind, it’s good to mix things up and get out of that comfort zone. So take that new class, keep trying to get into that advanced pose and embrace that feeling of being uncomfortable. That’s where change comes from!

7. But always listen to your body. One of the many reasons we adore yoga is because it allows us to better connect with our intuition and our body. So while you’re pushing yourself, be sure to also take time to slow down and respect what your body is telling you. Your body is wise!

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