7 Destinations for Your Yoga Travel Bucket List 

I love yoga. I’ve been regularly practicing for over two years and besides surfing and cycling, it’s the only other regular workout I do. The thing I love most about yoga is its focus on the mind, as well as the body. Since I’ve started practicing, I have had a better outlook on life and a better sense of self. For the past couple of months, the idea of traveling for yoga has been running around my mind. Not only will I give myself a chance to see the world, but it would give my travel a sense of purpose besides sightseeing. I’ve compiled my top destinations for an awesome yoga travel bucket list.

Rishikesh, India

One cannot do a yoga travel bucket list without paying homage to the birthplace of yoga itself; India. One particular place in mind would be Rishikesh, a small town in the foothills of the Himalayas many consider to be the birthplace of yoga itself. Many yogis who have gone to Rishikesh for their yoga retreat have described the experience as life-changing. There’s no better place to do your asana than with the mighty Himalayan Mountains serving as your backdrop while the great river, the Ganges, flows nearby.

Sedona, Arizona

If you want a truly mystical yoga retreat experience, then you should seriously consider giving Sedona, Arizona a visit. The tranquility of the desert will help anyone achieve peace. The beauty of the place alone, will surely change your perspective in life. Native Americans, for many generations, have considered Sedona as a sacred place. That’s why the city is famous for vortices and crystals. The city also has many state parks, forests, and energy vortexes that people can visit to recalibrate their energy.

Tibet, China

Considered by many to be the Iceland of Asia, Tibet offers (among other things) the picturesque scenery of snowy mountains, crystal clear lakes, endless pastures, and roaring rivers. It’s the perfect place to clear one’s head of all the worldly troubles and burdens. Being a deeply spiritual country, Tibetan practice offers a new perspective on yoga wherein a deeper introspection of one’s self is much more explored through traditional asanas.

Tuscany, Italy

Imagine doing your daily practice in the early morning Tuscan light, or meditating under an olive tree. Tuscany is slowly becoming a popular destination for yogis. This region of Italy is where the famous phrase “la dolce vita” was coined. Time seems to run differently here. The people are more relaxed, care-free, with an air of contentment. Not only will yogis enhance their practice, but meditation in such a place is also easier and more fulfilling. Truly a perfect place to clear one’s mind.

Phuket, Thailand

Dubbed the cultural heart of Thailand, Phuket has captured the hearts of yogis across the world. The peaceful surrounding and scenic beauty that surrounds the city is the best place to practice yoga and explore one’s consciousness. It helps that the locals are friendly and accommodating, the scenery peaceful, and the atmosphere calming.


Just a short ride from the world-renowned Angkor Wat, sits a small town called Hariharalaya. To serious yogis around the world, this is the perfect retreat to focus on their practice, enhance their mediation skills, and become more self-aware. The studio there helps practitioners integrate their practice not just while on their mats but into their daily lives as well. Yogis leave rejuvenated with a new outlook on life and on themselves.

Costa Rica

The country is well known for its lush rainforests, biodiversity, awesome surfing, and friendly populace. It’s also a popular destination for a yoga retreat. Its unique landscape allows yogis options to practice yoga. One day they can be meditating beachside with the breaking surf in the background, next they could be laying their mats on the mountains with the sweet cacophony of the forest around them. It’s an experience like no other and truly worth a visit.


Are we missing wonderful yoga locations on this list that you’ve been to and would recommend? Let us know in the comments, and share your experience!


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