Do you have a bedtime yoga routine?

If not, you just have to check this 5-minute yoga sequence I have for you.

It’s the perfect combination of movements that will spark for every one of you out there having troubles relaxing and releasing the tension at the end of a long, busy day.

This gentle sequence is a great remedy that will help you get your sweet and restful sleep, de-stress and calmly sink into the bed sheets.

Treating yourself with a session of yoga in the comfort of your own bed is an extraordinary experience, yet it takes only a few minutes to perform.

Head on to my sweet dreams combo and never struggle with falling asleep again!

Modified Hero Pose

Start with the simple Virasana, the modified hero pose.

Sit on your calves with your palms facing your thighs and just breathe in and out.

Child’s Pose

Next, we’re sinking in the bedsheets with the chest and forehead, with the relaxing Bālāsana.

Spread your knees wide with your big toes touching and start bending forward keeping the buttocks on your heels.

Pull your arms straight in front of you, while you position your torso between your thighs and your forehead becomes one with the bed.

Rabbit Pose

From child pose sway into Sasakasana by pulling your forehead in, towards your knees.

Place the top of your head on the bed sliding your arms all the way back to a position where your palms are touching your feet.

Spinal Twist

This one’s for your spine!

From a simple hero pose, start twisting your body to the right, your left arm touch the right knee and with your right arm the right foot.

Stay in this twisted torso pose for a few breaths, before heading to the other side.

Seated Forward Bend

Simply start in a seated position with your legs straight in front of you.

Start bending forward your whole torso with your arms reaching your toes.

Don’t force yourself and go as deep as you can.

Knees to Chest

Next is the knees hugging pose, Apanasana.

Begin by lying on your back and start pulling the knees to your chest by literally hugging them with your arms.

So comfy!

Legs up the Wall

And last, Viparita Karani, the upside-down relaxation your legs are gonna thank you for.

Just lie on your back with your legs and buttocks press against the wall, making sure the soles of your feet face upwards.

It may take a little bit of movement to really get comfy in this pose, but once you nail it you’ll never wanna get the legs off the wall.

I hope I helped you relax and enjoy your sweet dreams preps.

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How does yoga help you fall asleep? Namaste yogis & sleep tight!