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6 Ways To Enhance Your Self Care Routine

Self Care routines are glorious once you find your groove. Whether it’s a bath, a good book, or just relaxing on your couch in your coziest sweats, there’s a few products you can use that will enhance your entire self care routine. And you don’t have to spend a fortune, either!

Here’s a few of my favorite things for making my self care routine even better!

1. Candles
They can be scented or unscented, but have you ever lit a candle near your mat while you’ve done yoga at home? It’s such a small thing but makes the atmosphere SO much cozier!

2. Oil diffuser
I’m a big fan of oil diffusers because they infuse a space with a healthy, clean aroma that can greatly impact your mood. I’m not opposed to scented candles or anything, but I much prefer oil diffusers because you can control the scent and the strength of that scent. Plus, you can get higher quality oils to keep it non-toxic!

3. A supplement that benefits you personally
Alright, this one’s funny. I actually tried to find a different item to put in this place because this is SO awkward, but I’ve gotta share it because it’s too real! So, ever since I had The Gut Health MD on the podcast a few months ago, I’ve adopted some of the habits he suggested, one of which is taking Benefiber every morning. I don’t miss a single day, especially while pregnant where constipation can be a real issue, haha. I’m happy to report that I haven’t had any issues and I’m gonna credit some of the habits he suggested, this one included! So maybe it’s not Benefiber, but maybe it’s finally making your protein is adequate, or you finally get those iron levels checked, or you swap green tea for the coffee you’re so sensitive to. Chances are you have one in mind already. Listen to your body and take care of it!

4. Body oil
I was never a big “beauty” consumer, but ever since I found out I was pregnant, I started using different body oils. And let me tell you, what a game changer! It feels SO luxurious to apply after a hot shower! And this isn’t about “luxury” based on price, it’s just luxurious to spend the extra 45 seconds to nourish yourself during a chore that’s typically rushed. I’m a big fan of Bi-Oil, but of course there are countless options out there!

5. A daily treat
Treat yo’self! But really 😉 I’m a big advocate for discipline and cultivating the appropriate amount so you can achieve what you want to achieve. But as important as discipline is in your life, the micro rewards are equally important. You choose the time of day, but work something in to your daily life that makes you feel just a little bit celebratory: a little chocolate, a cookie, a fancy tea during work hours– something!

6. An agenda!
You *must* be able to keep track of your schedule so you can PLAN time for self care time. Even if it’s just 10 minutes a day, you have to make sure you keep this little appointment with yourself. It’s easy to say there’s no time, but I promise that’s wrong. You have a few minutes, and if you don’t have a few minutes, you don’t have a life. In that case it might be time to reevaluate.

Over to you! What little things do you add to your self care routine to enhance the whole thing? I’m positive I left some out, but I always love to hear about others’ habits. 

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