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6 Ways to Turn Your Home into Your Yoga Studio

In the winter, sometimes it’s just too damn cold outside for me to muster up any energy to drive to the gym. I take one look at my snow-covered car and immediately put on sweats and head to the couch. The snow completely sidelines my workout schedule for the week and I end up having a hard time gathering motivation to get back in the gym once I skip two or three days.

So after my third yoga-less snow day, I decided that if I can’t go to the gym, I’ll bring the gym to my house.

Making a makeshift yoga studio isn’t easy, especially if you have kids, dogs or other distractions on the other side of the closed door. But with a little creativity and decoration, you’ll never have to drag yourself through the snow banks to get to the gym again. I created my own “studio” in just 6 simple steps.

Find the room

A spare bedroom or a guest bedroom work well. If you don’t have an extra bedroom, a basement could work too. Clearing out a corner of your bedroom would work as well! Anywhere in the house that you can find a big enough space will do.

Buy some candles

From my experience, a lot of people don’t have light dimmers in their homes. If you want the shadowy look of a real studio, shut out all of your lights and light some candles. Not only will it make for a super relaxing environment, but the smells will be almost therapeutic during your workout.

Transform the room

Sometimes I have a hard time getting into a yoga state of concentration if I know I’m just in my house. The vibe of an actual studio can be hard to recreate. To cope with this I bought some cheap tapestries and I hang them up on the walls in my room when I practice. It helps mask the fact that I’m home and motivates my practice more.

Make the perfect playlist

Find some cheap speakers and spend some time coming up with the perfect playlist for your practice. We take for granted that the instructor at our gym already has the perfect lineup of tunes – it’s a hard thing to do! So queue up some music and blast it through the speakers – loud enough to drown out the noise of any roommates or children that may disturb your practice.

Get the equipment

Make sure you have any of the equipment you’d normally use in a real studio, including any belts, free weights or foam blocks you may need. Have a towel nearby and some tissues handy too.

Turn up the heat

Now don’t do anything crazy like heat your entire house to 100 degrees, but make sure it’s warm enough to comfortably stand in your normal yoga outfit. On days I’m practicing a slower flow, I turn the heat up a bit higher because it can get a little cold during meditation. Typically I turn the heat up to 70 just for the hour or so that I practice. It’s not enough to break the bank and you’ll feel completely comfortable standing on your mat in a tank.

With these 6 simple steps, your basic bedroom can morph into a sweet studio with just a couple of hours of preparation. Does anyone else practice at home? Are there any other tips to recreating the feel of a studio? Comment your secrets below and share your experience with practicing at home!

Photo provided by Bad Yogi Janet Vella

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  1. Amanda Sides

    Amanda Sides

    March 17, 2017 at 4:43 pm

    I practice at home every day, but I’m a super minimalist about it…. I’m not someone who likes “setting up”. 🙂 I haven’t even decorated for the holidays in the last ten years, aside from a little stuffed reindeer and, one year, one string of lights. So for me, the key is simplicity and accessibility. I want to keep that space for my mat clear so I don’t have to move anything first. If possible, depending on where I am, I love a spot where my mat can stay down. 🙂 I don’t use music. And I agree with you: it has to be warm enough! No fun to shiver in savasana.

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