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6 Kama Sutra Positions for Wonderful Intimacy (NSFW!!)

“You split me, and tore my heart open. You filled me with Love. You poured your spirit into mine. I knew you as I know myself. My eyes are radiant with your light. My ears delight in your music. My nostrils are filled with your fragrance. My face is covered with your kisses. You have made all things new. You have made me see all things shining. You have granted me perfect ease. I have become like paradise.”~ King Solomon

The Rig Veda states; ‘In the beginning there was desire and this was the first seed of the mind.’ Hindu cosmology believes that the process of creation emerged from primordial chaos and a frenzied sensuality. The idea of creation was manifested as an amorous act between the gods and goddesses; making the formation of the universe both sacred and erotic.

Everything in nature makes love in order to create new life and to rejoice in the beauty of spring. The ancient Indians viewed love and sex as highly important because it connects us to nature and to the cosmos. The pursuits of pleasure of the human body was seen as one way of being closer to the divine and thus attain spiritual union (or achieve Moksha) that one aspired for.

Much like the practice of Yoga, the Kama Sutra is hugely misunderstood around the world. The Kama Sutra is an ancient book of Love; it is not just a book of sex positions. There are 64 different positions that can be assumed during loving making and are actually one small part of the entire book. Kama Sutra literally translates to “love lessons” or “Desire Song” and was used as a guide for couples of all ages, courtesans to the king and was a great resource for the ancient holy women or priestesses residing in temples and were said to be a direct connection to deity and thus making love to them was extremely sacred.

It is believed there should be variety in Love Sport so advice on how to bake cakes, give massages, what perfumes and essential oils to choose, types of kissing techniques, how to flirt, how to embrace, reciting poetry, ways of dealing with sexual problems using toys and love potions and love rituals are found in the scriptures.

Vatsyayana, the creator of the Kama Sutra, believed that if a relationship was to truly blossom, men needed to be unselfish and altruistic. It is written that men needed to have an understanding of what his partner desired or needed because if the woman was not properly lubricated, amorous and open like a flower then the entire act can be painful and boring for her. Vatsyayana urged men to be patient and generous in foreplay because it takes longer for women to be fully aroused. At all times the man must act accordingly to give the woman he loves the greatest of pleasures.

Because making love is a sacred act, it is very important for both individuals to respect and fully enjoy each other’s company as though you are in the presence of a god or goddess. Actually making an effort to please your lover in every way made the union equal, and so if both partners are turned on, climax would be synchronized and you’d both achieve a state of ecstasy at the same time, in that single moment of joint orgasmic liberation you would be the physical manifestation of Shiva and Shakti, the masculine and feminine energy that make up our cosmos. How beautiful is that?

The book also dealt with specific issues of the day related to desire and how people, particularly men- should behave in certain ways in daily life. Each chapter of the book explains how a man and a woman should come together that is positive for both and parallels their true needs as the relationship develops.

So, whilst you ponder on these spiritual ideas about devotion, here are six sensuous love positions from the Kama Sutra for you to try with your partner to spice things up in the bedroom. And perhaps in that moment look deep into their eyes with adoration, touch their skin as though it’s the Holy Grail and truly honor and cherish their mind, body and spirit.

The Rocking Horse

This position involves the woman on top and best tried on hard surfaces like wooden floors. The man sits cross legged (optional) with his arms leaning back to support his weight and allows his lover to straddle him, rocking her hips back and forth and hugging his thighs with her thighs. This position allows the woman to have full control over penetration and speed. The rocking horse does require thigh strength so if the woman begins to tire, her partner can free his hands, grab her buttocks and help relieve the pressure on her thighs by gently rocking her.

This particular position is a wonderful embrace for lovers who enjoy eye contact and the opportunity to passionately kiss and nibble the neck, shoulders and chest.

Splitting the Bamboo

For this position, the woman lies on her back but allows her weight to shift slightly onto one hip. She then lifts the leg from the side that is bearing no weight into the air. Her lover straddles the leg left on the bed and gently places the leg that is in the air onto his shoulders. This position allows the man to control the rhythm and depth of penetration. He can also choose to bite and kiss the ankle of the leg rested on his shoulders for added eroticism. The woman can choose to lie back and rest her hands on his hips, bed sheets or find another use for them?

The Reclining Lotus

Lying back on the bed and the woman’s legs should come to her chest (like child’s pose) with her feet in the air. Her lover then supports his weight on his arms and penetrates her from the top. If you wish to change the angle of the yoni (vagina) and the penetration, place a pillow under her buttocks. The pillow also eases the pressure placed on her body in case his arms become tired. She can choose to rest her ankles on his shoulders to deepen the penetration.

The Padlock

Sitting on a table, or perhaps a washing machine, the woman leans back and awaits penetration. Her lover approaches her from the front and pulls her gently toward him, raising her buttocks slightly off the high surface. Locking her legs around his buttock or lower back depending on the length of her legs, she locks her feet together as he penetrates her. The man may choose to nibble and kiss her breasts as she pulls his hair. Or the man may choose to sit on the edge of the bed and his lover may sit on top of him and wrap her legs around his back, from there he can embrace her like a padlock, this is a beautifully intimate position and one of my favorites, if you feel cold, wrap a big blanket around the both of you. The woman may lean her head back as they rock together whilst her lover kisses her breasts.

The Clip

Another gorgeous and playful female on-top position, it is reasonably easy to achieve. The man lies on the bed, face-up and with his legs together. His lover straddles him and allows the lingam (penis) to penetrate the yoni (vagina). The woman lies back and steadies her weight with her arms, which should rest near the knees (or shins) of her lover. To stimulate the clitoris during intercourse the man can place his hands on her thighs and encourage a slightly more vigorous rocking motion. This position may also be done with the female being reversed, her lover may hold her buttocks as she leans back with her hands upon his chest.

The Crossed Keys

In this sexual position the woman lies back on the bed with her buttocks situated at the edge of the bed, lifts her legs in the air and points her feet towards the ceiling. As they are in the air she crosses her legs and creates an X shape. Walking up to the edge of the bed, her lover grabs her legs and penetrates from a standing position. If he wishes he could move her legs to the left of right or even press the down towards her chest. If the woman is slightly more flexible, she can instead cross her legs in padmasana (lotus) whilst he penetrates her and rest his chest on top of her now crossed legs, bringing them gently towards her breasts. In this position, the man may desire to spread the woman’s legs apart and change their angle multiple times.

The essence of the Kama Sutra is about finding contentment within our own natural desires, how to feel comfortable in our bodies and within relationships with others. The Kama Sutra teaches us how to create sustainable, very honest and organic, loving relationships with the people around us as well as our partners. And that is a deeply spiritual practice; for love conquers all.

“My words rained over you, stroking you.
A long time I have loved the sunned mother-of-pearl of your body.
I go so far as to think that you own the universe.
I will bring you happy flowers from the mountains, bluebells,
dark hazels, and rustic baskets of kisses.
I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.”
~ Pablo Neruda

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