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6 Amazing Reasons to Get Up Late

So you’ve started practicing yoga, and now you think it’s time to get yourself to a real life class. But, wait a minute, they all start at 7am?!

I need a lot of sleep, I always have. I could never get up on time for school and I struggle every day to get out of bed for work, let alone to get up earlier than necessary. My colleagues are shocked by my 10pm bedtime and I joke with them about being an old lady, but the reality is that I just need that sleep.

Everyone is constantly telling us that getting up early to work out, meditate, do yoga, whatever your choice, is the best thing you can do for your healthBut what if sleep feels better? Are we just lazy?

The simple answer is: no. There is mounting scientific evidence that your sleep pattern was knitted into your brain structure before you were even born, and although there are certain things you can do to alter this natural pattern, here are 6 reasons why you’re totally right to catch that extra sleep instead:

  1. You’ll live longer. There’s evidence that people who sleep more than six hours a night live longer due to the healing and cleansing benefits of good quality shut-eye. You can’t argue with that!
  2. It’s good for your metabolism. If you’re trying to get healthy and lose some weight this year, why bother getting out of bed early to work out when just sleeping a bit longer will boost your metabolism, curb your appetite and help you make healthier food choices?
  3. It makes you look better. Don’t be surprised if getting more sleep coincides with more compliments on your glowing, youthful skin, as people who sleep better have been found to have better skin and to show fewer signs of aging. Who needs expensive skincare?
  4. It’s good for your sex life. Well rested people have been found to have better libidos. Need I say more?
  5. Your bed is so warm and cosy. There’s no scientific evidence behind this one, but I had to throw it in. Mmmm, bed.
  6. YouTube exists. The first time I ever did yoga it was ‘Geri Yoga’ – the VHS yoga class presented by everybody’s favourite redheaded Spice Girl. I learnt all the basics without having to haul myself to a class at the crack of dawn. Although sadly VHS is dead, you can take a class whenever you want in the comfort of your own home thanks to YouTube. Maybe take your mat and some yoga pants to work and book yourself a conference room at lunch time, or just roll out the mat when you get home and let the stress of the day drift away.

A good night’s sleep will also benefit your cognitive function, muscle growth, mental health, immune system… So the next time you’re feeling guilty for setting your alarm a little later, remember that your brain, skin and sex life will thank you, and you can hop online and be a Bad Yogi any time of the day or night.

Sources: The Atlantic, Huffington Post, WebMD, Business Insider UK

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