Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful Moms out there! You guys have the most difficult job out there and none of us would argue against the importance of all that you do. So, thank you to all the Mothers who’ve known us, heard us, consoled, supported, disciplined, taught, and raised us– you do more than we could ever find the correct words to express our gratitude for.

In honor of this day, here’s some Bad Yogi Mothers (and grandmothers!) and their babies doing yoga together and it is definitely the sweetest you’ll see all day! There’s some crazy-beautiful professional shots and some hilarious, my-toddler-snapped-this submissions, and I’m loving all of them!!

We also wanted to honor the mothers whose babies are no longer with us, and they’re represented in this gallery, too.

So show these Moms some love and remind them how appreciated they are every day, not just on a holiday.